Equity at Coastline

Meeting each student where they are and providing him/her/them with the context and tools needed to be successful.

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Equity at Coastline

Coastline defines student equity as fair access, opportunity, and advancement for all students while working to address systemic barriers, especially those of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, disability, gender, language, and family background, that inhibit student success.


The 2019-22 Student Equity Plan goals:

  1. Increase equity practices across all modalities in which we serve students.
    • Focus on practices and pedagogies for online instruction.
  2. Advance the equity mindset and practice at Coastline College.
    • Provide culturally relevant student services and instruction.
    • Provide professional learning opportunities for campus community.
  3. Work with Coastline Pathways to streamline and scale equity initiatives that support student access, retention, and completion.

How is Coastline working toward equity?

Coastline college aims to work providing an equitable experience for faculty, staff and students. Coastline is committed to ensuring that although each student who enters our campus has a goal, we realize that they each start their college or professional journey at a different place.

Because of that, Coastline aims to serve each student based on where they are when they enter, providing services, resources, etc. that support individual student needs.

Equality is providing each student the same.

Equity is meeting each student where they are and providing them with the context and tools they need to be successful.

Diversity and Inclusion

Taking a cue from Southern California itself, Coastline thrives when students of all types are given the opportunity to succeed. That means that Coastline's campuses are welcoming atmospheres no matter one's race, gender, religion, background, orientation, physical abilities, etc. As an institution of higher learning, we know that good ideas can come from anywhere. Diversity doesn't just make as more open, it makes us better.


"Title III AANAPISI" is our shorthand name for a five-year grant awarded to Coastline College by the U.S. Department of Education. The purpose of the grant is to help Coastline serve our students more effectively by becoming a stronger, more responsive institution.

Student Equity Office

Coastline's Student Equity Office provides guidance to the Student Equity Plan as well as provides resources to students. Through our lending computer program, basic need support, book vouchers, and support of the food pantry- students can provide direct support that will assist them persist at Coastline. The Student Equity Office is committed to allowing each student to have individualized instruction, opportunity, and the support needed for success.


Coastline College has an expressed commitment to equity and inclusion for students, faculty and staff members who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning, intersex, and asexual (LGBTQIA). We support all students, however they choose to identify, and our campuses have gender neutral restrooms. We strive to provide resources to inform and support.

Intercultural Resource Center (IRC)

The Intercultural Resource Center seeks to create and nurture an environment that encourages diversity through dialogue, exploration, and community engagement.

Umoja Community

Coastline's Umoja Community is a learning community dedicated to transforming, enriching and advancing the lives of Black students through infusing culturally relevant pedagogy and practices. Umoja provides a space for students to be seen and heard.

Latinx/Hispanic Resources

Providing a space for Latinx/Hispanic students to feel included and create a community, building support programs with families and parents, and expanding educational opportunities.


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