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Do not submit an application if you are currently taking classes at Coastline Community College.

Welcome to Coastline Community College and thank you for using our online application.

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Term Dates

  • Fall 2017: 08/28/17 – 12/16/17
  • Winter Intersession: 1/3/17 - 1/27/17
  • Spring 2017: 1/30/17 – 5/28/17
  • Summer 2017: 06/12/17 – 08/18/17

Application Filing Dates

Coastline Community College is scheduled to accept applications on the following dates:

  • Summer/Fall (2017): Currently accepting summer/fall applications
  • Winter Intersession/Spring (2018): 9/11/17

Students should apply early for the best appointment time. Late applicants may experience delays in registration and limited class availability.

Beginning September 15, 2014, Coastline Community College is using a new application called Open CCC. All applicants will have to establish new log on credentials for this application.

These log on credentials cannot be used to log on to MyCCC, the student registration portal.

  • International students: (those requiring an F-1 Visa) please click here for application information or call (714) 241-6141 and speak to Javier Alcala, International Student Staff Aide.
  • New students: You’re considered a new student if you’ve never taken classes at Coastline Community College. New students, regardless of their educational background and goal, must apply for admission. If you need financial assistance, apply for financial aid at the time of the application (you’ll be given an opportunity to apply via the FAFSA website at the end of this application.)
  • Returning students: Returning students are those who have previously attended Coastline Community College but have missed two or more semesters. Returning students must apply for admissions to be assigned a registration appointment and to activate their MyCCC account.
  • Continuing Students (those who were registered in classes for the previous Fall 2015 or Spring term 2016 do not need to reapply for the Fall 2016 term. Continuing students will be able to view their Fall 2016 registration appointment via their MyCCC site mid May.
  • Military & Corporate Distance Learning Programs If you plan to take classes through Coastline’s 8-week Military & Corporate Distance Learning Programs, click here to proceed with online application and registration. You do not need to continue below.
  • High School Students - Concurrently enrolled 11th and 12th grade High School Students may use the online application, but must submit an approved High School Release Form before registering for classes. For additional information and to access these forms please click here or you may pick up the form from the Coastline Admissions Office. Note: Effective fall 2012 term, students enrolled in grades K-10 will not be permitted to attend Coastline Community College.
  • High School Seniors – If you are senior in high school and are currently taking classes at CCC, you MUST reapply to CCC as a first-time college student that is graduating from high school during your senior year. All graduating high school students must apply for admission as a first time college student in order to take classes at CCC.

Please Note Once you submit your online application, you will receive an email immediately (sent to the email address you supplied on your application) confirming successful submission of your application. Please make sure to read all the email regarding your application. Additional information will be sent via email once your application is processed.

Note: It is important to submit your application at least 10 working days prior to the start date of the class to allow for processing and return of your MyCCC login information and registration appointment.

E-MAIL: Coastline Community College is making every effort to communicate with students by sending correspondence through e-mail. We advise you to check your e-mail account often, as the information we may send will often be time sensitive.

Note: If your email address is incorrect you will not receive a confirmation of your application or instructions as to what you need to do to complete the admissions process. Some Internet Service Providers filter mail from Coastline Community College so please check your trash folder if you dont receive an email response within 5 - 10 working days of submitting your application. You can avoid this by adding to your Friendly Approved Senders list. Please do not reply to This is especially important if you use providers such as AOL, Yahoo, Earthlink, MSN, Hotmail, or Roadrunner and/or you use spam filters. If you have any further questions regarding your application, please call (714) 241-6176.

Thank you for making Coastline Community College your college of choice for your higher education. We hope your experience at Coastline is rewarding, accommodating and student friendly.

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