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High School Students

Special Part-Time 9th thru 12th Grade Students Admission and Registration Procedure

High school students may be eligible for Coastline Community College's Special Part-Time Program. The Special Part-Time Program is designed for 9th thru 12th grade high school students seeking advanced scholastic or vocational coursework not available at the high school. The school and the college will determine who may enroll based on their judgment of the applicant's ability to profit from instruction. The college has the right and responsibility to restrict enrollment for reasons of health and safety, appropriateness of the course, preparedness of the student, college policy, state law and space availability.

Note: In accordance with SB338, enrollment in physical education courses have been restricted or excluded.

Please Note
Not all courses offered at Coastline Community College are available for Special Part-Time enrollment. All assessments, pre-requisites and necessary qualifications must be met in order to be considered for enrollment as a Special Part-Time student. Consult the current class schedule or College Catalog for course pre-requisites and other requirements.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

Under this Act, students attending an institution of higher learning become an adult when it comes to their educational records at that institution. It is the policy of the Coast Community College District, in accordance with FERPA, to not release/discuss a student's records without the signed release from the student authorizing the release of that information to anyone except the student.

Academic Requirements for Special Part-Time Program Students

Eligible students have the opportunity to enroll in a maximum of six units each semester (3 units max for summer) and earn college credit while still attending high school. Students are expected to meet the same requirements as regular college students and coursework taken appears on the student's college transcript.

Things to consider:

  • Students must apply for admission, turn in a Special Part-Time High School Release form signed by the parent/guardian and the high school principal to the Admissions and Records Office at CCC, and meet the prerequisite before they will be permitted to register for classes.
  • Enrolling in college courses creates a permanent record (college transcript).
  • Students should plan to study a minimum of two hours each week for each hour of class time (unit).
  • The University of California recognizes college semester-length courses of 3 semester units as equivalent to 10 credits earned in an eligible one-year high school course. (Exception: The first semester of a college level foreign language course is considered to be equivalent to the first two years of high school foreign language (20 credits).
  • Students planning to apply coursework taken at CCC toward college or university admission or progress toward a degree should contact the respective institutions regarding policies involving prior coursework.

Students interested in attending Coastline Community College under the Special Part-Time Program must submit a completed admissions application to the Admissions and Records Office along with a Special Part-Time Program High School Release Form signed by both the high school principal and the parent/guardian. Students who are enrolled in the Special Part-Time Program and are designated as California residents (see residency information) are not required to pay the per units enrollment fee but are required to pay all other required fees .

Once all the paperwork is completed the student may enroll in the approved classes on or after their registration appointment time provided space is available in the course. The college gives priority to regular college students. Admissions of a 9th-12th grade student cannot displace a college level student.

Please Note
High school students cannot be added to the wait list of closed classes. If the course is wait listed, you will need to petition the class on the first day the class begins. If the Instructor has seats available he/she will give you an "add code" to add the course.

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