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International Languages

We would like to thank you for your interest in Coastline Community College's International Languages Department. We are a department with a distinguished and diverse faculty, a strong present, and an exciting future.

Whether you want to enroll in language courses for personal growth, as an elective or you've decided to pursue a foreign language as a major, Coastline's courses are suited to meet even the most individual needs of our students.

Some students prefer our Distance Learning and Telecourse instruction, and others the traditional classroom format. Regardless of your preference, you will find that our faculty is committed to serving you with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Potential and current International Language Department students should contact our office, one of our faculty members, or our counseling offices to obtain more information about course offerings.

Students interested in observing one of our classes, can arrange a classroom visit so they can witness interactive student learning and innovative teaching methods as they happen in all of our language courses.

As you pursue your goals, we are here to help you succeed in any way we can.

International Language Courses Offered by Coastline



  • El-Ahraf Professor of Arabic Language


NIHAO! This is your Chinese instructor Jingfang Satow. I am from Northern China. My Chinese name is Zhang Jingfang. Zhang is my Chinese surname. I'd like to have my students call me Zhang Laoshi, Laoshi in Chinese means teacher. I can't wait to teach you how to speak Chinese and share some Chinese culture with you. I look forward to meeting you.

If you would like to know more about me, please go to Instructor's Mini Bio. I can be reached at .

The Chinese courses currently offered at Coastline:

Elementary Chinese 1: Chinese C180

This class is an online course. No travel to campus is required.

The course will develop the fundamental ability to both comprehend and converse in daily spoken Chinese. Early reading and writing skills, as well as Chinese customs and culture are introduced.

Elementary Chinese 2: Chinese C185

No travel to campus is required.

Continuation of Chinese C180. Designed to develop the student's fundamental ability to both comprehend and converse in daily spoken Chinese. Sentence patterns, vocabulary and pronunciation are emphasized. Reading and writing skills are continuously introduced as well as appreciation and understanding of Chinese customs and cultures in China, Taiwan and elsewhere.

One Sample Chinese Lesson

Online Resources:



  • Satow, Jingfang Professor of Chinese Language

Jingfang Satow, Chinese instructor at Coastline Community College since 2005. Jingfang has been teaching all levels of Chinese for over eight years at community colleges. She initiated the study abroad program and took students to China in 2002 and 2005 with this program, and again in 2009 through Coastline Community College. In addition, Jingfang developed and taught the first online Chinese class at Coastline. She has always been interested in working with projects which promote Chinese language and culture. Since 2006 she has been serving as a development team member for Olli (Open Language Learning Initiative) project, a $2.8 million Sino-American software based E-Language project sponsored by the U.S. Department and the Chinese Ministry of Education and funded by the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Jingfang is native Chinese and has a M.A. in Linguistics.


Bienvenue, and welcome to our site. The French language has for more than a thousand years enjoyed a special relationship to English as well as a significant place on the world stage; the language remains the lingua franca of cultures and nations on every continent on Earth.

By learning French language and culture with Coastline Community College, you will become part of a diverse, globalized community, and will be able to communicate and better appreciate such experiences as visiting Parisian museums like the Louvre, or the Musée D'Orsay, skiing the Swiss Alps, enjoying the beaches of the Côte d'Azur and Tahiti, the landscapes of Morocco or the rich fields of central Africa. Moreover, knowing the language spoken by many of the world's great thinkers and writers (Montaigne, Voltaire, Descartes, Pascal, Baudelaire, de Tocqueville, Camus, de Beauvoir, and Sartre, among others), will facilitate your understanding works in their original language.

Besides all this, did you know that French remains one of the core languages of the European Union and the United Nations, that it is the original language of the modern Olympic Games, and that it is the governing language for FINA and FIFA, the international federations for swimming and soccer, among others? Sports and ballet, theatre, film, business, aerospace, and international relations are all enhanced by the words and wisdom of France.


Dr. Katherine Watson Cours de français CCCD


  • Watson, Katherine Professor of French Language


Buon giorno! Un caldo benvenuto a tutti gli studenti!

This is your Italian instructor Vera Maniaci. I am from southern Italy, Palermo and I have been at Coastline Community College since 1999.

Questo è il nostro programma d' italiano:

Elementary Italian 1: Italian C180

Designed to develop the fundamentals of communicative competence in colloquial Italian. The emphasis is on listening, comprehension, and conversational skills. Early reading and writing skills are introduced, as well as fundamental aspects of culture.

Elementary Italian 2: Italian C185

Designed to further the fundamentals of communicative competence in daily spoken Italian. Although the focus remains on listening comprehension and speaking, reading and writing skills will be expanded. This course continues the familiarization with customs and cultural achievements begun in the previous semester.

The classes have been designed for those who love Italian culture and art, and appreciate Italian fashion and food. These online courses have teaching materials and assignments delivered online via the internet. The benefits of distance learning are:

  • Convenient flexible options for fulfilling degree requirements.
  • You won't miss a thing! You control when you go to class.
  • Technology enhanced learning experience.
  • A way to fit classes into a busy schedule.
  • As your instructor, I will always be available

I look forward to meeting you. I can be reached at .


  • Maniaci, Vera Professor of Italian Language

Professor Maniaci has a Master's Degree in foreign language and literature from Universita` degli Studi di Palermo, Italy. She moved to California along with her family in 1986 and since then she has been teaching Italian at Chapman University.

This is her ninth year at Coastline Community College. She also teaches Italian at Saddleback College. Prior to that she taught Italian and Russian at Mt. San Antonio College. She was working as a Russian lecturer at Palermo University.

Professor Maniaci appreciates diligent effort and is available to help her students. Her classes are generally interactive and include class discussions, video clips, active learning activities, and Powerpoint lectures. Our textbook recently became available in the electronic version so it can be downloaded chapter by chapter for a fraction of the regular price.

Professional/business individuals as well as academically inclined high school students are encouraged to enroll in Italian courses. Credit/no credit is also available at the time students enroll.


Coming Soon!


The mission of the Spanish Department is to foster the development of the Spanish linguistic proficiency and cultural awareness by teaching students to function efficiently as global citizens, to transfer to institutions of higher learning and to foment opportunities for self-growth and success in employment.

The Spanish courses along with Coastline's study abroad programs have been carefully designed by faculty, administrators and staff to enable students to further develop their cultural understanding and linguistic proficiency. These courses are especially beneficial for students interested in employment that requires multilingual skills or graduate study.

Different levels of classes are available for beginner, intermediate, and advanced students as well as business people who desire a major in Spanish studies. Convenient times during the day and evening, and online or telecourse options are also offered.

Students who take courses in the Spanish language program can fulfill the lower division General Education requirement in the section of Humanities or for transfer to a four-year university. (Please see a Counselor for counseling in this area).

For more information concerning the Spanish program, please contact the following faculty:

  • Julie Alweiheiby
  • Sandra Basabe
  • Patricia Candelaria
  • Rosemary Miller

We invite you to explore the exciting Latin world to discover more about our history, art, music, cuisine, literature, traditions and culture of the Hispanic countries represented through the Spanish language!

Programa de Lenguaje en Español

La misión del departamento de español es fomentar el desarrollo de la pro-eficiencia en la lingüística del español y la conciencia cultural entrenando a los estudiantes para un funcionamiento eficiente como ciudadanos globales, para transferir a instituciones de educación superior y para promover sus oportunidades de desarrollo personal y éxito laboral.

Los cursos de español en conjunto con los programas de estudios en el extranjero de Coastline han sido cuidadosamente diseñados por sobresalientes miembros de la facultad, administradores y personal especializado para capacitar a los estudiantes en un desarrollo profundo del entendimiento cultural de la comunidad hispana y su capacidad lingüística. Estos cursos son especialmente beneficiosos para aquellos estudiantes interesados en empleos que requieran habilidadesmultilingües o estudios superiores.

Nuestro programa tiene disponible clases de diferentes niveles en el día o por la noche, por internet o por televisión para novatos, estudiantes intermedios o avanzados así como también para gente de negocios quienes deseen una especialización en español.

Los estudiantes que se inscriban en las clases del programa de español pueden llenar los requisitos exigidos tanto para completar su educación general en el área de humanidades o para transferir a una universidad de cuatro años.

Para obtener más información acerca del programa de español usted puede comunicarse con los siguientes miembros de nuestra facultad:

  • Julie Alweiheiby
  • Sandra Basabe
  • Patricia Candelaria
  • Rosemary Miller

! Lo invitamos a explorar el emocionante mundo latino, a descubrir más acerca de nuestra historia, arte, música, gastronomía, literatura, tradiciones y la cultura de los diferentes países hispanos representados a través del lenguaje español!


Alweiheiby, Julie
  • Professor of Spanish Language
Barragán, Valéria
  • Professor of Spanish Language
Basabe, Sandra
  • Professor of Spanish Language
Candelaria, Patricia
  • Professor of Spanish Language
Miller, Rosemary
  • Professor of Spanish Language
  • Department Chair


Coastline Community College's Le-Jao Center has offered a unique program of the Vietnamese language, the first of its kind in California and in the United States since 1986. Classes at different levels for beginners, business people, and advanced students who desire a major in Vietnamese studies are available daytime and evenings as well.

Students who take courses in the Vietnamese language program can fulfill a lower General Education requirement in the section of Humanities.

For more information concerning the Vietnamese program, please contact the following faculty:


Nguyen, David C.
Professor of Vietnamese Language
Tran, Dung
Professor of Vietnamese Language

Programs in International Study

Coastline Community College offers programs of study in many different languages spoken by large segments of the global population. These programs introduce students not only to proficiency in writing and speaking skills, but also enhances appreciation of people, customs and cultures. These programs benefit all community members from transfer students to leaders of international commerce.

Learn a New Language As You Study Abroad

Coastline offers several opportunities to study abroad. Go to the Study Abroad Home Page to find out more about upcoming trips to faraway destinations.

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