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Degrees - Science and Math

Science and Math - Associate of Arts Degree Area of Emphasis


Courses in the Science and Math area develop an understanding of mathematical and scientific methods and knowledge. Continuing study in science and math will prepare students for a wide range of careers in technology, the health field, education, research, engineering, and business.

Some university majors within Science and Math include: Accounting, Astronomy, Biology, Biotechnology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Ecology, Education, Engineering, Marketing, Math, Medicine, Microbiology, Nursing, Pharmacy, Physics, and Veterinary Medicine.


Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Design and apply the process of science to address a hypothesis.
  • Find, select, evaluate, and communicate scientific information present in primary research literature, mass media, online, or other sources.
  • Adequately explain thinking and mathematical processes, and justify mathematical solutions effectively and accurately.

Requirements for the Degree

All courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.

Select at least 18 units from the following courses. At least one course should be a science course and at least one should be a math course.

  • ANTH C185
  • ASTR C100, C100L, C102, C103, C104
  • BIOL C100, C101, C105, C120, C210, C220, C225, C283
  • CHEM C100, C105, C110, C130, C180, C180L, C185, C185L, C220, C220L, C225, C225L
  • ECOL C100
  • GEOL C105, C105L, C115
  • MRSC C100, C100L, C105
  • MATH C100, C103, C104, C106, C115, C120, C140, C150, C160, C170, C180, C185, C280, C285
  • PHYS C110, C110L, C120, C125, C185, C280, C285
Course Group Units
Subtotal for Area of Emphasis at least 18.0
Total for Degree 60.0

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure

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Gainful Employment Disclosure

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