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Degrees - Biological Laboratory Technician

Biological Laboratory Technician - Certificate of Achievement


Biological laboratory technicians are employed in research and development laboratories and process development laboratories. Biological laboratory technicians can be expected to maintain equipment, maintain media stocks, and assist scientists in research projects or developing quality control process. They must demonstrate good laboratory practices and good communication skills and be computer literate. They must be able to work both independently and in a team, keep good records, and present projects results in a group or company meetings.


Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills essential in laboratory management such as procurement/maintenance of laboratory inventories, preparation of industry-standard research notebook, preparation of laboratory reagents and proper operation of lab equipment.
  • Demonstrate ability to carry out various molecular biology techniques commonly found in biology research labs.
  • Demonstrate implementation of laboratory safety practices in compliance with appropriate regulatory bodies.

Students will complete all of the following:

Course ID Name Units
BIOL C100 Introduction to Biology 3.0
BIOL C101 Introduction to Biology Lab 1.0
BIOT C100 Introduction to Biological Technology Skills 4.0
BIOT C105 Biological Technology Skills II 4.0
BIOT C110 Overview of Quality Assurance and Medical Devices 3.0
CHEM C110 Introduction to Chemistry 5.0
CHEM C180 General Chemistry 4.0
CHEM C180L General Chemistry Lab 1.0
Total for Certificate 25.0

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