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Art Department

Welcome to Coastline Community College's Art Program!

Develop your artistic talent and learn how to be a part of the thriving southern California Creative Economy. Creative industries in SoCal generate over 640,000 jobs and $200 billion in sales/receipts. There has never been a better time to be in the arts! With a full range of foundation art classes and up-to-date Mac labs Coastline offers art students the skills they need to be a success. Coastline's critically acclaimed Art Gallery and Visual Art Lecture Series gives students access to a multitude of high-level art professionals. Whether your goal is an AA degree in Visual Art, transfer to a 4-year college, or retooling for a successful art career Coastline's dedicated art faculty and support services can help you make it happen. We offer online, hybrid and onsite classes that serve the diverse needs of our students.

Our beautiful new campus is located in Newport Beach with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean.

Come to Coastline and be inspired!

Professor Chris Hornung Chair Visual and Performing Art Department Coastline Community College

Associate Degree in Art

This major encourages the development of technical skills, art appreciation, and personal creative vision. Art majors begin with a series of foundation courses that are designed to develop students’ understanding and application of visual language across a range of media. This major will equip students with a variety of skills and visual strategies that they will be able to apply in meaningful contexts. Through study of arts, students learn how to find creative solutions to problems and how to express their individuality.

Requirements for the major:

All courses must be completed with a grade of “C” or better.

  • Art C110 (or C110A & C110B)—Color and Design: 2D (3.0 units)
  • Art C120 (or C120A & C120B)—Drawing 1 (3.0 units)
  • Art C121—Life Drawing (3.0 units)
  • Art C122 (or Art C122A & C122B)—Painting (3.0 units)
  • Art C100—Art History and Appreciation 1 (3.0 units)


    Art C101—Art History and Appreciation 2 (3.0 units)

  • Art C111A and 111B—Color and Design: 3D (3.0 units)


    Art C150—Ceramics (3.0 units)

Total units = 18 units

Featured Classes

ART C107 -Art Gallery Production and Portfolio Design
Students will develop skills and knowledge related to gallery management and design, art careers and portfolio design
ART C127 -Introduction to Portrait Drawing and Painting
Introduces the fundamentals of drawing and painting the head and upper torso in various drawing media as well as oil or acrylic painting. Includes lecture and exploration of both historical and contemporary portraiture to produce naturalistic and abstracted work. Also explores how palette and composition work within the medium. Emphasizes awareness of the creative process and includes individual and group critiques.
ART C134 -Painting Creatures 1
Learn the brush strokes used for line, texture, shading, and washes to capture the beauty of animals. Students will learn the strokes to do design and composition, the enchanting background of each subject, and their spiritual meaning in Chinese culture. Explore history and land of animals, birds, and marine life.
ART C136 -Chinese Brush Painting 1
Focus on Chinese culture through handson practice of brush strokes. Designed tolead a beginner from how to hold a brush to producing finished compositions in floral,animals and landscape. Detailed instructions on the use of materials, colors, brushes, the rice paper, seals, and Chinese mounting technique. Painting subjects include orchid, bamboo, camellia, amaryllis, peony, panda,horse, and landscape.
ART C147A -Jewelry 1
This course explores jewelry making, space manipulation, surface treatment, and color interactions with an emphasis on jewelry design presentation, through the use of a variety of materials and tools. Awareness of the creative process for viewer and artist is emphasized as well as formal analysis for both cultural, professional, and student works through written and verbal critiques. Generation of authentic designs utilizing learned art elements will be stressed for General Education and visual design majors.
ART C174 -Narrative Painting
This is a painting course in which the figure is used in a context to tell a story. Students learn to utilize the skills learned in figure painting to portray or suggest actual and metaphoric situations. The content of the painting is the focus of the students’ creative explorations using personal, historic, psychological, and symbolic subject matter to express an Idea.
ART C205 -Digital Design with Painter and Photoshop
This course will emphasize the use of the computer as an additional medium with which to create images. The extensive drawing and digital image manipulation capabilities of the computer will be explored through the use and integration of images created in Corel Painter and Adobe Photoshop. Projects assigned will use the capabilities of each program as well as the integration properties of both.
ART C214 -Figure Composition
An intermediate and advanced figure painting course in which students learn to integrate the human figure into a complete composition. Graphical and perceptualelements are applied to the special problems inherent in figure representation. The student learns to analyze the visual devices used by artists in a variety of styles.
ART C220 -Human Anatomy for Artists
A course designed to develop an ability to draw the human form accurately throughcareful study of the skeletal and muscular systems. Live models are used forobservation of surface anatomy and practice of accurate drawing.
ART C230 -Landscape Painting 1
Drawing, composition, and painting of landscape and seascape in watercolor, acrylic or oil. Painting on location. Individual instruction supplemented by demonstrations,criticism, and painting in the studio. Illustrated lectures on the history of landscape painting. This is the first part of a two-part landscape painting course.
ART C232 -Plein Air Painting
Painting outdoors, on site in oil, watercolor, or acrylic. Study of painting light on form in nature to convey the outdoor experience. Use of values and intensities of color as light, combined with composition, and atmospheric perspective. Presented as a series of challenges with demonstrations and critics.
ART C233 -Chinese Calligraphy
Introduction to aesthetics, brush technique, and compositional rules for writing of Chinese characters in “k’ai-shu” regular and “ts’ao-shu” styles. Traditional work of famous calligraphers will be presented. Students willlearn to write their signature, date, subject title, and poetry in Chinese to enhance oriental paintings. This class will encourage development of brush style in line work and will complement the study of Chinese brush painting.
ART C234 -Contemporary Figure Painting
Course in painting the figure from live models. Applies knowledge and techniques developed in ART C224 and examines historical as well as contemporary ideas. Evaluates traditional concepts of the figure and integrates the multi-culture experience with personal expression.

Coastline Art Gallery

The Coastline Art Gallery presents a variety of exhibits throughout the year featuring works by Coastline students, faculty, and staff, as well as local, national, and international artists.

Regularly planned activities include art exhibitions, artist receptions, artist lectures, and workshops.

Annual special events include a student art exhibit, a holiday art sale, and a faculty art show.

Visit the Coastline Art Gallery here ↠

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