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Intellectual Disabilities

What Is the ID Program?

The Intellectual Disabilities program offers classes designed especially for students with lower cognitive skills, i.e., students who exhibit below-average intellectual functioning and a potential for measurable achievement in an instructional setting. The ID program has classes for students with mild to moderate ID and some classes for those individuals with more severe to profound ID. The majority of classes are non-credit and are free.

The ID program serves two specific areas of the community:

  • Fairview Developmental Center, which is a large residential, state-run facility for individuals with severe to profound ID. See more information under Fairview Developmental Center.
  • The community ID program serves students who reside and/or work in the community, in group homes, private homes, day programs, workshops, etc. This group is primarily mild to moderate ID. Classes are offered in a variety of cities.

A learner with Intellectual Disabilities is a student who exhibits below-average intellectual functioning and a potential for measurable achievement in instructional or employment settings.

What Types of Classes Are Offered?

Coastline is dedicated to providing instruction that promotes growth toward greater independence and assists persons with disabilities to live and work in their own community, enjoying the same options and choices as persons without disabilities. Coastline is strongly committed to providing education to the learner with intellectual disabilities through a wide variety of course offerings in such areas as:

Academic Growth:
Critical Thinking, Math Concepts, Reading/ Writing
Community Awareness:
Community Resources, Consumer Skills
Music, Art, and Customs, Cultures and Holidays
Adult Fitness, Rhythmic Movement, Aerobics
Independent Living:
Applied Academics, Food Preparation, Health Concepts
Social Skills:
Personal and Social Adjustment, Communication
Introduction to Computers, Desktop Publishing

The classes are non-credit and are, thus, free to the student.

Who Is Eligible for the ID Program?

Coastline Community College is committed to providing an education to qualified students with disabilities. Eligibility for state funding to provide such services, however, requires that the college obtain professional certification of each student's disability. If the student received services specific to their disability from their high school, the Regional Center of Orange County or the California Department of Rehabilitation, these agencies may be able to provide sufficient information to verify the disability. A doctor, psychiatrist or psychologist may also be able to provide enough information to verify the disability. If a student would like Coastline to obtain educational and/or evaluation records from one or more of these agencies, the student would complete a separate Records Release form for each agency.

What Forms Do I Need in Order to Apply to the Program?

Most forms can be found below in the 'Intellectual Disabilities Documents' section. Students may also call (714) 241-6214 and request that these forms be sent to them.

  1. ID Admissions Letter from Instructor/Coordinator
  2. Special Programs and Services for the Disabled ID Application
  3. DSP&S New Student Registration Form (two-sided)
  4. ID Release Statement for Parents, Siblings and Friends
  5. ID Records Release Form
  6. ID Student Code of Conduct
  7. ID Student Emergency Form


The majority of classes for the learner with intellectual disabilities are offered at two sites, Fairview Developmental Center and Coastline Community College's own Newport Beach Center. Coastline also provides specialized instruction at various sites throughout Southern California, including Fountain Valley, Garden Grove, and Westminster. Coastline also offers classes for vocational day programs, such as Westview Services and Elwyn Industries.

The Newport Beach Center offers a variety of non-credit classes for the community-based student. The Special Programs and Services for the Disabled Department is located at the Newport Beach Center, at 1515 Monrovia Ave., Newport Beach, Ca. 92663. The campus in Newport Beach is spacious and all classes are easily accessible.If you have any further questions about classes or registration, please call (714) 241-6214, and ask to speak with Lori Genova.

At Fairview Developmental Center, Coastline provides numerous non-credit courses serving community and Fairview students alike. At Fairview, Coastline provides students computer access through the large, well-equipped computer lab. There is also a fitness lab and academic classrooms. In addition to the dedicated rooms, Coastline offers a variety of other classes throughout the campus. Classes are offered Monday thru Friday morning, afternoon, evenings and Saturday mornings. Fairview Developmental Center is located at 2501 Harbor Boulevard, Costa Mesa.

Intellectual Disabilities Documents

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