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Adaptive Fitness

Coastline offers seven classes designed to assist seniors with disabilities in the maintenance of general physical fitness, flexibility, and balance. Students participate in one class meeting per week for up to two hours. The classes are lively, positive and fun. Students report increased flexibility and energy. They also learn techniques to prevent dangerous falls and how to safely get up if they do fall.

Student Testimonials

  • "The classes give me exercise that I need and would not do alone. I walk alone, but companionship lifts your spirits."
  • "Have become more balanced and now do exercises as in class on other days of the week on my own. I feel more in control and healthier thanks to the excellent class."
  • "I not only get lots of physical exercises, etc., but it keeps me mentally alive. At our age we need to exercise regularly."

Class Locations

  • Oasis Senior Center, Corona del Mar
  • Westminster Senior Center, Westminster (three classes)
  • Seal Beach Leisure World Senior Center, Seal Beach
  • Fountain Valley Senior Center, Fountain Valley
  • Costa Mesa Senior Center, Costa Mesa

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