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Student Life

What Is Student Life?

"Student Life" refers to the program that supports campus activities, student clubs and organizations, student government, and other special events like the annual graduation and scholarship ceremonies.

The philosophy of Student Life @ Coastline is to be as responsive as possible to students at the College. As such, students are encouraged to initiate, embrace leadership and community service opportunities, and work together as a team. The staff in Student Life are ready to support any student who has a new idea for a club, event, or other activity.

How Can You Get Involved?

You can apply to join the Associated Student Government ( ASG ). ASG is the official voice of the student body at Coastline Community College. ASG provides opportunities to learn about governance, advocacy, leadership, and event planning. Contact the advisor, Kasie Hipp Mirhashemi for more information:

Campus Clubs

Join clubs like Psychology, English, Arabic, Latinas Con Nuevos Horizontes, Pride Club, Xploit (Cybersecurity Club), and more. Clubs are a great way to interact with other students at Coastline and contribute to making the learning environment more engaging.

Online Clubs

Student Life @ Coastline supports the development of 100% or mostly online clubs. These are particularly challenging organizations to run, so it is recommended that you work directly with Student Life staff for support.

Apply to become a College Committee Representative

With ASG approval, officially represent the voice of the student body by participating in College Committee Meetings as a voting or non-voting member. These meetings occur once or twice a month and involve key decision makers at Coastline.

Community Service Program

Fall 2017 marks the beginning of a new program at Coastline Community College: The Community Service Program. This program supports multiple opportunities for community service. Students in special programs like College Promise, STAR 2.0, and others are highly encouraged to join in on the effort to help Coastline build bridges with local community service organizations.

The steps are easy:

  1. Choose An Organization to Contact from the List of Community Service Opportunities
  2. After Contacting Organization, Complete Community Service Log
  3. Turn In Your Logs to the Student Life/IRC Office or Email a scanned copy to (refer to Community Service Program - Procedure)

Our hope is that many students in the Orange County area will take advantage of this opportunity to do community service.

If you have more specific questions about the program, feel free to contact the Student Life Office at or call (714) 546-7600 ext: 16422.

Student Life Documents

Frequently Asked Questions

I want to create a student organization at Coastline. How do I start my own club?

In order to create a student club or organization at Coastline, you'll need the following:

  • Minimum 5 students (must be current at Coastline)
  • Club Advisor - can be any Coastline staff or faculty member
  • Governing Document(s) - usually a constitution or by-laws
  • ASG Approval - submit a request to have your club activated by ASG
What do the clubs do?

Clubs can host events on campus, participate in field trips, send students to conferences in California or out of state, and participate in community events or community service. Being an official club also allows you access to start up funds of $250.00 per organization. The College will help you manage your funds as long as your club is active.

Where can I find Student Life @ Coastline?

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