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New Students

You may apply through Open CCC Apply

Computers are available in the Admissions and Records Office, Garden Grove Campus, Newport Campus, and Le Jao Campus.

  • Once you submit your application online, within 48 hours you'll receive an e-mail confirmation.
  • If you need help paying for college, apply for financial aid at the time of application.
  • In 5 business days, you will receive a second email with your username, password, registration date and time and instructions on how to register via MyCCC.

Returning Students

Returning students are those who have previously attended Coastline Community College but have missed the last 2 semesters (fall and spring). You are considered a returning student if you have skipped two or more semesters and will need to reapply for admission.

You will not be required to take placement tests if you have completed courses in math and English, or if less than two years have passed since your last test. We maintain the records of the classes that you have taken at CCC.

Registration Appointment

Your registration appointment will be posted on your MyCCC account. Registration appointments are assigned in accordance with SB1456, the Student Success Act of 2012. View the Priority Registration Information page for details. Check your MyCCC account to view your appointment date and time (Student Tab/Registration Tools/Registration Status). Appointments are available for viewing as follows:

  • Summer: Mid March
  • Fall: Mid April
  • Intersession/Spring: Mid October
Coastline Online Orientation

New & Returning Student Documents

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