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Intercultural Resource Center
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Intercultural Resource Center

The Intercultural Resource Center (IRC) is a safe space for Coastline Community College students to learn about themselves and their community through workshops, college fieldtrips, and collaboration with their peers. The IRC collaborates with campus and community partners to develop intentional programming to bring awareness and diversity to students.

The mission of the Intercultural Resource Center is to create and nurture an environment that encourages diversity through dialogue, exploration, and community engagement.

IRC Values

Community Engagement
Community Engagement develops socially engaged interactions that are collaborative, self-reflective, and meaningful Advocacy is the on-going process of building partnerships so that others will act for and with you, turning passive support into educated action.
Empowerment increases the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.
Diversity is the visibility and recognition of the spectrum of different people, experiences, and backgrounds that contributes to a whole through inclusion of an individual’s identity and life experiences.
Self-Exploration is the ongoing process that includes collecting information about your interests, abilities and skills, values, personality, and career readiness.

For the Spring 2017 semester, the IRC hours are:

  • Monday – Thursday: 10-6
  • Friday: 10-3

The IRC and APACT is funded by the U.S. Department of Education through the Asian American and Nataive American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions (AANAPISI) Program. The IRC is located at the Garden Grove Center (12901 Euclid St, Garden Grove, CA 92840), Room 104.

AAPI Program Advancing Completion and Transfer

Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) Program for Advancing Completion and Transfer (APACT) is a program that is housed under the IRC.

APACT is an intentional space for AAPI student built upon three pillars – building communities, developing life success, and transfer and degree attainment.


Mentorship is a space for each student gets to focus on their personal and academic growth. At APACT we understand that our students have multiple roles and responsibilities that go beyond the classroom. Whether it be work, family, or friends students have a lot to balance! Mentorship is a space where students get to focus on themselves. Each APACT student gets a mentor they work one-on-one with throughout the year. In this space we process and address challenges a students is dealing with, identify long term and short terms goals, and create effective plans that create success. The mentorship component helps students hone their skills and identify resources that will aid their success. Mentorship is a wonderful resource at APACT that will help you hit the ground running in every aspect of your life!


The K.A.S. (Knowledge, Attitude & Skills) Leadership Class is a program that consists of current students who are looking to develop certain knowledge, attitudes and leadership skills to become an empowered Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) student leader. The K.A.S. Leadership class provides students the opportunity to be a leader in the classroom and community through planning, facilitating and coordinating events that address student needs.


The purpose of the marketing component is to ensure that all current and incoming students are familiar with the services that APACT has to offer including: mentorship, leadership, outreach, and the IRC. Through marketing efforts, we find ways to connect with students to inform them about upcoming workshops, school field trips, and other opportunities for engagement. Marketing also aims to create a deeper sense of community by engaging students in conversation related to the AAPI community. We utilize Facebook and Instagram as a platform to post relevant articles about the AAPI community and invite them to take part in an open dialogue.

Outreach Assistant

The Outreach Assistant shares duties between Coastline’s Title III AANAPISI office and the Outreach Department to work on collaborative missions of supporting incoming and current students. The Outreach Assistant attends outreach and recruitment events related to bringing in interested Coastline students, prospective STAR 2.0 participants, along with students who could benefit from services such as APACT. The Outreach Assistant also stays in contact with high school and district offices to schedule visits and appointments to promote these valuable programs from Coastline.

The Outreach Assistant is also responsible for creating a “task force” of APACT and IRC supporters ranging from students, schools, departments, services, to community based organizations and leaders who are interested in a culturally serving spaces. They are also responsible for planning and executing for AAPIphany - the annual AAPI (Asian American Pacific Islander) youth leadership conference!

AAPIphany - AAPI Youth Leadership Conference

AAPIphany is a youth leadership conference serving high school students in the Orange County area to promote access to higher education and exploration of cultural and ethnic identity. The conference engages students in dialogue about how diversity, identity, and community can have a profound effect on life, goals, and dreams.

For more information about this year's AAPIphany conference, please visit:

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Rene Gutierrez

Title III AANAPISI Project Director

Tiffany Inabu

Intercultural Resource Center Lead and Lead Mentor

Edith Bell

Mentorship Lead and Lead Mentor

Louise Fonua

Leadership Lead and Lead Mentor

Stephanie Nguyen

Marketing Lead and Lead Mentor

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Outreach Assistant

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