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Suggestions for Success

Purchase Your Textbook
The first thing that you should do after enrolling in your class is to order your textbooks. This can be done online through the Coastline Community College Bookstore. We suggest ordering your books from our bookstore since this is the best way to ensure that you are purchasing the items that your instructor requires for the course.
Access Your Course Website
You may access your course website from the MyCCC portal or directly via the Canvas login with college email page . A video tutorial is available to help you learn how to log in and get to your course. Students will have access to certain elements of their course websites one week before the start date of the course. The entire course will be available on the official course start date.
Maintain Attendance/Participation
Access your course website often and regularly. Your instructors will often post announcements and updates to the course web sites. In addition, instructors may add useful information about future lessons. Lack of participation in your course will be considered as non-attendance and may result in the students being dropped from the course.
Know Due Dates For All Assignments and Assessments
Review lessons carefully and pay special attention to the due dates for assignments. Many of the Distance Learning instructors provide a significant amount of flexibility related to the due dates for each assignment. However, some instructors will post strict due dates and requirements for their courses. Be sure you have read through the syllabus and lesson information to know what your instructor expects from each student.
Check Your Email Often
Most of your instructors will use your District provided email account for communicating with you and your classmates. In addition, many instructors will expect you to communicate with them through the use of the District provided email. So, check your District email account often.
Provide Identification Information With All Assignments
Include your student ID, full name and course title on all assignments and correspondence. Many instructors teach more than one class and without appropriate ID information it may be difficult for the instructor to remember which course you are enrolled in. If you are required to send in any assignments through the U.S. mail, include all of the identification information previously mentioned and also include your instructor's name on each assignment.

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