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When you take a class at one of our Coastline campuses, your instructor will likely administer your midterm and final exams in the classroom in person.

When you take an online class, instructors have the option to create a fully online exam or require an exam to be taken in person with what's known as a 'proctor'. Proctors protect academic integrity and the value of your degree by following a set of procedures such as verifying your identity, providing oversight while you take the exam, and mailing your exam back to Coastline.

Online exams may require accessing an online proctor service, such as Proctorio, in order to maintain academic integrity. Proctorio captures video and movement while you take your exam and requires an identity check. This video may be reviewed by your instructor to ensure that no cheating took place.

Coastline is committed to academic integrity in order to protect the value of your degree and transferability of our courses. This page is designed to answer the most common questions about proctoring (in person and online), and we are always here to help if you need more guidance.

What is a Proctor?

Proctors protect academic integrity and the value of your degree by following a set of procedures such as verifying your identity, providing oversight while you take the exam, and mailing your exam back to Coastline.

What is Proctorio?

Proctorio is an automated proctoring system. This system captures video and movement while you take your exam. This video may be reviewed by your instructor to ensure that no cheating took place. To ensure academic integrity, Proctorio also requires an identity check.

Online Proctoring

Before using Proctorio, there are some basic requirements to follow. The steps are as follows:

  • You must have a basic webcam or built-in camera with microphone enabled on your laptop or desktop computer.
  • You must have the Chrome browser downloaded to your computer. Don't have it yet? Download Chrome with one click.
  • You must install the Proctorio Chrome extension.
  • Check the Proctorio Minimum System Requirements to ensure Proctorio will work on your computer.
  • You will be required to show a government or school-issued ID before accessing assignments that use Proctorio (based on instructor settings).

Privacy Concerns

Some students have expressed concerns about being 'watched' or 'monitored' via video. Proctorio recordings are only available to the instructor, and the videos are double encrypted to ensure the data is safe from hackers (per Proctorio). Your instructor is monitoring your online exam in the same way they would if you were sitting in a classroom taking the exam. Your instructor may review random portions of your video briefly to ensure academic integrity. Please know that approved Coastline Administrators may view the video as a response to student complaints/concerns.

Proctorio Technical Support

Need help? Proctorio Support is available 24/7 through the following:

Learn more about Proctorio for students

In-Person Proctoring

If your instructor requires an in-person proctored exam, you have a few options. The options are as follows:

Testing Center

You may schedule to take your exam at Coastline's Testing Center located in Fountain Valley, CA.

Exam with instructor

Your instructor may host in-person exams at one of our campuses. Contact your instructor or check our Testing Times webpage for information.

Find a Proctor

If you are not near a Coastline campus, you may follow the below guidelines to help you find a qualified person to administer your exams.

FAQ about utilizing a Proctor:

Here are some frequently asked questions answered at-a-glance about how to find a Proctor, Proctor eligibility, and next steps to move forward with a Proctor.

How do I find a Proctor?

  • Find an educational institution near you.
    • This could be a community college, college, high school, or public library.
  • Ask if there is a testing center on campus, or if anyone can refer you to a Proctor.
  • Reach out to your local high school.
  • Visit a public library.
  • Ask your social networks.
  • Call us if you need help!

Once you find a Proctor, follow the steps listed under "I Found a Proctor! Now what?" below.

*Pro tip: Coastline students tell us the key to finding a Proctor is to visit the institution in person, not just send emails!

Who can serve as my Proctor?

  • Teachers at high schools, colleges, universities
  • Testing coordinators/administrators at schools, or professional testing centers that offer testing services such as ACT, GRE, GMAT
  • Librarians
  • Education Service Officers (ESOs) in the military
  • Educational/academic administrators at high schools, community colleges, universities (i.e.: directors, deans, presidents, vice-presidents, principals, vice-principals, education managers)

Who is not eligible to serve as my Proctor?

  • Someone who is related to you, or lives at the same address
  • A current Coastline student
  • Administrative clerks
  • Non-Academic administrators (i.e.: a director of marketing at a college)
  • Tutors
  • Substitute Teachers who are not assigned to a specific school

How do I know if I need a Proctor?

  • The course syllabus should state instructions about midterm and final examinations. Contact your instructor via Canvas Inbox if you aren't sure if you need a Proctor. The syllabus can be found in your Canvas course modules.

I found a Proctor! Now what?

Once you identified a potential Proctor, download the following two documents:

Complete the Proctor Agreement Form

  • The Proctor and you will fill out the appropriate sections under 'Student/Proctor Agreement'. Please be sure to sign and date. To expedite the process, scan, and e-mail the completed form to You will receive a confirmation e-mail within 72 hours. We suggest that you use your student e-mail address (i.e. to avoid e-mails being filtered into the Spam inbox.
  • Note: Exams will only be mailed to the institution where the Proctor is employed, not to residential addresses.

Share your Proctor Letter

  • Please give your Proctor a copy of the letter, which provides testing guidelines for administering exams.

When are Proctor Agreement Forms Due?

Proctor Agreement forms are due according to the following schedule:

Proctor Form Deadlines

Course length Deadline
8 week first Friday of week 1
16 week first Friday of week 2

*In rare cases, at the discretion of the department, Proctor forms may be accepted after the dates listed above. Please email us right away to discuss at

How will I know if my Proctor agreement form has been received and processed?

Once your Proctor agreement form has been received, you will receive an e-mail confirmation within 72 hours.

How are Proctors approved?

The Distance Learning department will review and make a determination as to whether someone is qualified to proctor exams. If approved, the exams will be mailed to the Proctor. If your Proctor is not approved, you will be notified within 3-5 days of the form submission.

FAQ about proctored exams

When do I take my exam?

Your course website and syllabus will have information on examination dates. Below are the most common timeframes as to when exams are administered.

Exam Schedules

Class Length Midterms Finals
8-week classes Week 4 Weeks 7 - 8
16-week classes Week 8 Weeks 15 -16

We recommend that you check your Canvas Course and Course Syllabus for specific information about testing dates, as they vary based on the course.

How long do I have on my exam? May I use notes or a calculator during testing?

Generally, you are allowed two hours of testing time; however, each course varies. Please contact your instructor and confirm what materials you are allowed to bring to the testing session. Contact DSPS if you have a disability that requires more time.

When does the completed exam need to be sent back to Coastline?

Please ask your Proctor to send it ASAP to avoid delays in processing or possible late penalties from your instructor.

Academic Honesty

Proctors provide a service by helping to maintain the academic integrity of our exam processes. As part of the agreement between the Proctor and Coastline, the Proctor will prevent and report any acts of academic dishonesty to the school. Students are expected to follow Coastline's Policies and Regulations on Academic Integrity.


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