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Proctored Exams

Who Should Complete The Proctor Form?

As of February 23, 2018, the College has lifted its restrictions based on the zip code the college has on file for you. This means that you are welcome to find a proctor who meets our criteria as listed on the form, and for whom we are able to verify as an employee at the secondary school (i.e. high school), college, or university. We will also accept a public librarian as a proctor, who must also be verified as an employee at that library.

  • It is your responsibility as a student to confirm that your proctor meets the requirements listed on the proctor agreement form. If he or she does not meet the requirements, your request to have proctored exams will be denied.

  • Exams will only be mailed to the institution where the proctor is employed as an educator, military service officer, or as a public librarian.

  • Exams will not be e-mailed nor will exams be mailed to a proctor's home address. It is your responsibility to verify that the correct mailing address is provided by the proctor.

  • It is also your responsibility, when enrolled in 16-week courses, to return the completed proctor form to the Distance Learning Department by the second Friday of the course. If you are enrolled in courses of any other length, this form is due by the first Friday of the course.

  • If you fail to return the proctor form by the stated due date, you will not be able to take the exam when due. This may result in a penalty or the exam not being accepted by the instructor. We strongly suggest that you advise your instructor that your exam will be late.

  • Coastline is unable to suggest or recommend proctors who have proctored previous students.

You are invited to download the proctor letter, and share it with your chosen proctor.

Students or proctors with questions or comments regarding proctored exams or the proctor agreement form need to contact the Distance Learning Department at:

As of February 23, 2018, you are welcome to scan and email the completed proctor agreement form to Do not mail the completed proctor form to us if you have emailed it.

You may reasonably expect that your proctor agreement form has been received and processed unless you hear from us otherwise. Please allow at least three working days for processing.

Download the Proctor Form (PDF)

Proctor Form Guidelines

Completion of the Proctor Agreement Form assures the Distance Learning Department that the registered student has selected a proctor (examination supervisor) who meets the criteria to administer the examinations. Both the student and the proctor must adhere to the examination dates for the exams listed on the assignment sheet in the student's syllabus or on the class website.

Who Qualifies To Be A Proctor?

Someone who qualifies to be a proctor must be a teacher, testing coordinator, librarian, or an administrator at a community college, university, secondary school, OR, a testing administrator or education services officer for the military.

The individual stated as the proctor cannot be a relative of any Coastline student, nor live at the same address as any Coastline student as that would jeopardize or violate the academic honesty policy of Coastline Community College. The proctor may not be a current student with Coastline Community College, or a relative of any current student.

revised: 2013/12/05

Academic Honesty

The Distance Learning Department reviews each proctor agreement form and will determine if the criteria have been met. If the criteria have not been met, the student will be notified for the next appropriate action. The signed form is a binding agreement between the proctor and Coastline Community College to ensure confidentiality and academic integrity through proper administration of examinations. The proctor is expected to prevent acts of academic dishonesty including, but not limited to: cheating, plagiarism, stealing or copying an exam, and/or engaging in collusion.

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