Coastline Community College Corporate Online Education

The Department of Contract Education delivers fee-based, credit and non-credit, and short-term education, training and technical services in order to meet community needs.
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Coastline Community College Corporate Online Education

Below are the basic steps to completing the application process:

Step 1: Apply to Coastline

All new students must apply to Coastline.

  • Students who have had a break in enrollment for 3 semesters or more must re-apply.
  • IMPORTANT:Select "Military or Corporate Education Programs" from the "Special Programs" box located on the Supplemental Questions page (page9) of the online application to ensure that the application is forwarded to the Military & Contract Education Department
  • New Students receive notification of their MyCCC account upon acceptance of their application. This normally takes approximately 2-3 business days from the date the application is submitted.
  • Apply Now. Applications must be submitted at least 3 business days prior to the registration deadline.
Students will receive an email containing information needed to access the Coastline Portal (MyCCC) and to proceed with registration.
Step 2: Submit eligibility to participate in Program

Prospective students who wish to participate in Coastline' Corporate Education Programs must be employed by one of Coastline's corporate partners.  Eligibility may be proven by submitting one of the following to

  • Scanned copy of employee's business card or employer identification card
  • Email from the employee using an employer-sponsored email account
  • Scanned copy of employee's paystub or other verification of employment from Human Resources
Questions about eligibility can be directed to: (714) 241-6132
Step 3: Register in your courses

Register online at MyCCC. From the Military/Corporate Student tab under Registration Tools:

  1. Select “Add or Drop Classes”
  2. Select the Military/Contract Ed Term for the appropriate semester and click "Submit"
  3. To add a class to your schedule, follow the instructions at the top of the "Add or Drop Classes" page in MyCCC.
  4. After you select your courses, press “Submit Changes” and exit the screen.
    1. If you are paying with a third-party tuition assistance voucher, do not press "Finish and Pay" because the system will try to force you to make a payment. Just click "Submit Changes" and exit the screen.
    2. If you are paying online, select “Submit Changes” and “Finish and Pay.”
Step 4: Submit payment or Learning Together Program (LTP) voucher

  1. The deadlines to submit payment for tuition are posted on the Academic Calendar. Students will be automatically dropped from their courses for non-payment if no form of payment is received by the posted deadlines.
  2. If you are approved with the Boeing Learning Together program, your tuition may be covered through Boeing. Please contact the Learning Together Program for more details...
  3. If paying with an LTP voucher:
    1. Provide us a copy of your LTP voucher before the posted deadlines.
    2. Make sure the course name/number on your LTP voucher  matches the course name/number posted in the searchable schedule.
    3. Fax your TA Authorization Form to (714) 241-6270 or scan and email to
    4. Once we receive and process your LTP voucher, your account balance will adjust accordingly (processing can take up to 3 business days).
  4. Students paying their own tuition or who are authorized for less than 100% of tuition must pay their student portion at the time they register online.
    1. If self-paying, click "Submit Changes" and "Finish and Pay" during the online registration process.
    2. Payment may be made by credit card, check or money order (payable to Coastline Community College). If you are mailing in a check or money order, the envelope needs to be received by the payment deadline date or you will be dropped from your classes.
  5. Unpaid balances may prevent students from receiving final grades, registering in subsequent semesters, receiving transcripts, or graduating.

Step 5: Order your books

Student may order their books online from MBS. Information and directions are provided directly from the MBS website.

Step 6: My Class Schedule

In your MyCCC portal, on the "Student" tab, under "Other Resources";, click on "Student Class Program (Web Schedule Bill)". You can print your schedule, obtain your refund and drop dates, and more.

Step 7: Go to your course website

Login directly to the Canvas login with college email page

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