Boeing Preferred School Partner (PSP) Program

Coastline Community College and the Boeing Preferred School Partner (PSP) Program have partnered to provide Boeing employees the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree and/or Business Certificate through our accredited and internationally recognized distance learning program.

Coastline's integrated media-based distance learning programs have been the recipients of a host of educational awards and citations for programming design and excellence. Courses are delivered via Internet and incorporate text materials, instructor contact, assignments, and proctored exams.

In as few as four eight-week sessions, you can complete your core coursework and a concentration in one of 12 Boeing Preferred School Partner (PSP) Program approved business programs.

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The following Associate Degrees and Certificates of Achievement are currently available for Coastline students participating in the Boeing Preferred School Partner Program. Select the degree option for additional information.

Program Degrees and Certificates

Subject AA (60 units) AS (60 units) Certificate (30-45 units)
Business Administration yes yes
Business: Human Resources Management yes yes
Business: Marketing yes yes
General Business yes yes
Management yes
Office Support Specialist: Administrative Manager yes yes
Office Support Specialist: Administrative Professional Assistant yes yes
Office Support Specialist: Financial Assistant yes yes
Office Support Specialist: Financial Manager yes yes
Office Support Specialist: General Office Manager yes yes
Supervision and Management yes yes
Supply Chain Management yes yes

Options for California Residents - See which option is best for you!

If you are a CA Resident, you have the option of enrolling as a CA Resident in traditional courses or as a Corporate Education student in an accelerated 8-week online course program. Review the following chart to determine which option is the best for you.

Comparison of Enrollment options

Option Corporate Education/Out-of-State Students (Also available to CA Residents) California Residents
Course Format All courses online Traditional Format of Community College Classes
Class Availability Guaranteed enrollment through length of program Classes are subject to availability
Course Length Calendar: All courses are 8 weeks in length Calendar: Uses Coastlineā€™s Academic Calendar
Fees Enrollment Fee: $200 per unit (Savings of 24.5% from non-resident tuition!)
  • Enrollment Fee: $46 per semester hour
  • Parking: Fall & Spring $15, Summer $7
  • College Services Charge: $6
  • Health Fee: $10
  • Classroom Materials Fees: $3 - $50 per class
Employer Tuition Assistance Most employer tuition assistance plans cover 100% of your college fees through Coastline's Corporate Education Program Most employer tuition assistance plans only cover your enrollment fees. Students are still responsible for paying their parking, college services charge, health, and classroom materials fees.
Apply and Enroll Coastline's Corporate Online Education Programs (regardless of residency status) Traditional Community College Format

Program Contacts

General Questions
Instructional Support:
  • 866-422-2645 ext. 16489
Admissions & Registration:
Student Services & Program Support:
  • 866-422-2645 ext. 16466
  • 866-422-2645 ext.16495
Transcript Verification:
  • 866-422-2645 ext. 16676
English/Math Placement:
  • 866-422-2645 ext. 16367

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