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Student Success Center

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The Student Success Center provides study space and tutoring across disciplines to empower students to dream, to be organized, to learn, to persist, to have a plan, to innovate, and to never give up.

Login Instructions For Smarthinking Online Tutoring

Smarthinking is an online tutoring service that Coastline provides to all active students. You can get help in a variety of subject areas. To log in, please visit Enter Coastline2018 as the username. Enter onlinehelp! as the password. This access is limited to 10 hours. Should you require more time, please contact Daniel Pittaway (

Study Space and Tutors

DOLPHIN: dream, organize, learn, persist, have a plan, innovate, never give up.

The Student Success Center is located at the Garden Grove, Westminster Le-Jao, and Newport Beach campus. We welcome all Coastline students to visit to study, receive assistance from a tutor, and to use our computers and resources to help you achieve your learning goals. We offer the following services:

  • Free access to tutors who provide guidance for any assignment in any class in any discipline.
  • Tables and desks for individual or group study.
  • Internet-connected computers for research, school email, and homework.
  • Live (e.g,. Skype) and delayed (e.g. email-based) online tutoring. For more information, contact us:

Contact us via email ( or by phone:

Coastline Tutor Session Report Form (tutor use only)

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