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Academic Support Services

Assessment Center

The Assessment Center provides placement testing in the subject of English and Mathematics and functions as a testing center for distance learning students.


The place to find all of your textbooks, school supplies and Coastline-branded gear.


Counselors are availble at all Coastline Campus locations to help you clarify your goals, develop an educational plan, and keep you informed about available programs and opportunities.

Distance Learning Support

The Distance Learning department provides support to students enrolled in our online courses. Got questions or having trouble? Distance Learning Support can help!

Online Library

A full online library that puts textbooks, journals, periodicals, and other resources at your finger tips. Be sure to check it out!

Special Programs

Coastline's Special Programs provides a wide range of services for students with disabilities including priority registration, test accommodations, alternative media, and note-taking.

Student Records and Transcripts

Whether you're just getting here or on your way to a 4 year institution, Coastline's Admissions and Records office is here to help.

Student Success Center

The Student Success Center provides study space and tutoring across disciplines to empower students to dream, to be organized, to learn, to persist, to have a plan, to innovate, and to never give up.

Transfer Center

Planning on transfering to a 4 year university? The Transfer Center can help. We run University Tours, workshops that guide you through the transfer process, and more.

File for Financial Aid Today!

Filing for financial aid is simpler than you think! What are you waiting for?

File for Financial Aid

Financial Support Services


Are you are receiving cash aid assistance, like TANF, for yourself and at least one dependent child? You may qualify for additional aid. Please speak to one of our CalWORKs counsilors today.


Coastline's EOPS department helps students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve their academic goals. Whether it's earning a certificate, Associate's Degree, or transferring to a four-year university, we can help!


If you are interested in applying for scholarships, Coastline's Foundation can help. Our helpful staff can guide you through the entire process. Are you ready to take the first step?

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