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Library Faculty Resources

**Contact the Library with any questions:

Canvas + Library

  • A Librarian in your class! Invite the library to have the “Librarian Role” inside Canvas
  • Library resources curated for your assignment
  • Librarian monitored Discussion Board
  • Research Modules created just for your class or department
  • [VIDEO] - Updating Library in Course Orientation

Canvas Resources

Copyright and Fair Use

IT Service Desk - Computer Use

Library Instruction:

  • Online
    • See Canvas + Library
    • See Library Workshops
  • Onsite (an instructor must be present when a librarian meets with your class)
    • 10 minutes - Library Services (Ask a Librarian, Website, Textbook Reserve Library, YouTube Channel, Library Databases)
    • 50 minutes - Library Services, Research Basics, Overview of searching in the Library Databases
    • 50 Minutes + - Above instruction and librarian to remain to help students work on research projects in the classroom
    • Classroom visits can be generic or tailored to your class.
    • Schedule your Onsite Librarian visit today!

Library Workshops in Canvas

  • Avoiding Plagiarism Library Workshop Directions for self-enrollment:
    • Click this link to Self-enroll in the CCCNB Library Workshops. It helps to click this link if you are already logged into Canvas. The Library Workshop will show up as a course.
    • Follow the directions in the Library Workshop and complete all five sections of the workshop with 80% or higher to earn a Certificate of Completion by your class deadline. The whole workshop should take about an hour to complete.
    • QUESTIONS? Contact the Coastline Library at or call / text 714.696.1573
  • The Library Workshop STARTS the first day of the semester and ENDS the Thursday before FINALS at 11:55pm.


Plagiarism Prevention - Academic Honesty

Research Assignment Consultation

Do you have an assignment that directs students to use “library resources”?

  • YES - Great! Work with a librarian to improve your assignment and find ways to help your students use academic sources more effectively.
  • No - No problem. Work with a librarian to find ways to integrate library resources into an assignment that supports your course.

Syllabus - Suggested Syllabus Statements

Academic Integrity / Plagiarism (sample)

Plagiarism and Cheating of any kind on an examination, quiz, or assignment will result at least in an "F" for that assignment (and may, depending on the severity of the case, lead to an "F" for the entire course) and may be subject to appropriate referral to the Vice President of Student Services for further action. See the Student Code of Conduct for further information. I will assume for this course that you will adhere to the academic creed of this college and will maintain the highest standards of academic integrity. In other words, don't cheat by giving answers to others or taking them from anyone else. I will also adhere to the highest standards of academic integrity, so please do not ask me to change (or expect me to change) your grade illegitimately or to bend or break rules for one person that will not apply to everyone. Many incidents of plagiarism result from students' lack of understanding about what constitutes plagiarism. However, you are expected to familiarize yourself with the college's policy on plagiarism. All work you submit must be your own scholarly and creative efforts.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Your experience in this class is important to me; it is the policy and practice of Coastline Community College to create inclusive and accessible learning environments consistent with federal and state law. If you experience barriers or are qualified for accommodations, please contact Celeste Ryan, Instructor/Coordinator, Special Programs and Services at (714) 241-6214 ext. 17217 or

Special Programs and Services offers resources and coordinates reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are established through an interactive process between you, your instructor, and the Special Programs and Services Coordinator. If you have not yet established services through Special Programs, but have a temporary or permanent disability that requires accommodations, please contact Special Programs and Services Office, at your earliest convenience, for a confidential intake interview and application for services.

Copyright and Fair Use

Academic work, especially criticism and research, involve using the work of other writers, researchers, and artists. Students need to know they are allowed to use this material, so long as they supply attribution. In addition, if you use the work of any other writer, researcher, or artist, even an image from the internet, you need to provide attribution and ensure you are modeling fair use. Refer to the Creative Commons page for further information. Also refer to Academic Integrity / Plagiarism to see the difference between Copyright and Fair Use VS. Plagiarism.


Since this course requires writing research papers and assignments, you are expected to know how to use the library's resources. If you are not familiar with using the library, please ask for assistance from the librarian, take workshops provided by the library, or visit the library's website. The Coastline Library is 100% online (except for the librarian) so it is always available to you.

Student Success Centers / Tutoring


Textbook Reserve Library

  • Video: Does the Library have my textbook?
  • Textbook Reserve Library List
  • DONATE a book to the Textbook Reserve Library!
    • Do you have an extra copy of a textbook you use? Donate it to the Textbook Reserve Library for students to use. Send the book to the Coastline Library and include a note with:
      • Your Name
      • The class the book is for (example = LIBR C110)
      • The Coastline Campus where you would like the book
        • Garden Grove
        • Le Jao (Westminster)
        • Newport Beach

Faculty Orientations about Library Resources and Services

  • Individual
  • Department
  • Division
  • College Wide


Phone / Text: 714-696-1573
Extended Hours: 714-696-1573

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