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How To - Ordering Textbooks

Order the textbooks and materials for your course(s) from our bookstore as soon as possible, so you have them on the first day. If you prefer, you can visit our onsite bookstore at the Coastline College Center . Or, feel free to purchase your books through our online bookstore :


  1. Go to the online Coastline Bookstore .
  2. On the Coastline Bookstore page, hover your mouse cursor over the "Textbooks" tab and click on the "Find Textbooks" option.
  3. Select Coastline as your campus, and select the term/department, course, and section number in which you are enrolled. Then, click on the "Find Materials" button at the bottom to see your book/material options.
  4. You can purchase all your books and materials online (by credit card), and have them shipped to you.

Try It! Order your textbooks online

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