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Action is the fundamental key to success.

Who May Apply

Anyone 18 years of age or older and who can profit from instruction qualifies for admission. If under age 18, you qualify for admission if you have:

  • Graduated from high school.
  • Passed the California High School Certificate of Proficiency Test or the equivalent.
  • Completed the 8th grade and received permission from your high school principal and parent to attend.
Information for High School Students

Steps to Success

1 Apply to Coastline

New Students
Create a new account at, which handles all California Community College applicants.
Returning Students

Returning students are those who have previously attended Coastline Community College, but missed the most recent primary semester (Fall or Spring). You are considered a returning student regardless of whether you skipped one semester or several years, therefore you will need to reapply through CCC Apply.

Create Your Account

2 Apply for Financial Aid

If you are a new or returning student, start a new Federal Student Aid application if you have not already done so.

You may qualify for certain Federal and/or State grants & scholarships. Use the resources below to find ways to help pay for your education:

Federal Financial Aid
State Grants and Programs
Start a New Federal Student Aid Application

3 Take Placement Test(s)

Placement tests or multiple measures assessment can be used to place students in Math/English courses. Visit the Assessment Center webpage to schedule an appointment or call the Assessment Center at (714) 241-6178.

Schedule Your Assessment

4 Complete the Online Orientation

The online student orientation is the easiest way to familiarize yourself with all of the resources available to you at Coastline.

All new students are required to participate, and returning students are more than welcome to complete it again. You can access the Online Orientation via the MyCCC portal link to the right.

Complete the Online Orientation

5 See a Counselor and Make a Plan

If you have not already done so, schedule a counseling appointment and complete your Student Education Plan (SEP).

Schedule a Counseling Appointment

6 Register and Pay for Classes

All new students are required to participate. Sign in to your MyCCC account to register and pay for classes.

Register and Pay for Classes

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