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Mathematics and number sense have never been more important. Coastline math classes can help you prepare for a certificate, earn a degree, transfer to another school, advance in your career, or just understand the world better. We recognize, however, that students have a huge variety in their schedules, requirements, and background, so we've made it easier than ever to find a math class that meets your needs. The College offers classes taught by professors in a variety of formats, including classroom, cable TV, hybrid or online in 4-week, 8-week, 12-week and 16-week sessions.

Every class except Basic Mathematics and Statistics Pathway 1 requires either a prerequisite course, a qualifying score on the math placement test, or multiple measures placement. Learn more about the test and see the study guide at the Assessment Center . See below for a flowchart of the math department course sequence.

If you have any questions, or for more information on your textbook options, contact your instructor or Dr. Lisa Lee ( ), Math Department Chair.

Mitchell Alves
Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Lisa Lee
Professor of Mathematics
Math Department Co-Chair

Fred Feldon
Professor of Mathematics
Math Department Co-Chair

Son Nguyen PHD
Mathematics Instructor

Hao-Nhien Vu
Mathematics Instructor

Math Course Prerequisites

Math Sequence Flowchart / Prerequisites Image - Please refer to the table below

Basic Skills Math Course Prerequisites

  • MATH C005: none
  • MATH C007: none
  • MATH C008: MATH C005 or MATH C007
  • MATH C010: MATH C008
  • MATH C030: MATH C010
  • MATH C044: none
  • MATH C045: MATH C008 or MATH C044
  • MATH C046: none

Note: Students completing MATH C010 may register for MATH C045.

Transfer Level Math Course Prerequisites

Note: MATH C115 and MAT C120 also satisfy MATH C180 prerequisites.

* = STEM Major math courses

  • MATH C100: MATH C030 or MATH C045
  • MATH C103: MATH C030 or MATH C045
  • MATH C104: MATH C030 or MATH C045
  • MATH C106: MATH C030 or MATH C045
  • MATH C115: MATH C030 or MATH C045
  • MATH C120 *: MATH C030 or MATH C045
  • MATH C140: MATH C115
  • MATH C146: MATH C046
  • MATH C150: MATH C030 or MATH C045
  • MATH C160: MATH C030 or MATH C045
  • MATH C170 *: MATH C120
  • MATH C180 *: MATH C170 or MATH C115 and MATH C120
  • MATH C185 *: MATH C180
  • MATH C280 *: MATH C185
  • MATH C285 *: MATH C185

Math Faculty Contact Information

Alves, Mitchell
Antonious, McKale
Can, Minh
Cao, Thomas
Cheng, Bing
Cisneros, Mark
Estephan, Joseph
Everett, Michael
Farnham, II Paul
Feiner, Henri
Feldon, Fred
Forbes, Junko
Horikawa, Kazumi
Jaber, John
Kuang, Jessica
Lee, Lisa
Lieu, Anasa
Mirfattah, Mehdi
Nguyen, Son
Nguyen, Diem
Ryan, Mutsuno
Ryan, John
Shi, Nigie
Shiring, Richard
Song, Guoqiang
Steinberg, Linda
Tran, Duy
Tran, Chau
Vu, HaoNhien
Xu, May
Yang, James

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