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Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure

Use the links below to view Coastline Community Colleges Federal Gainful Employment Disclosures. These reports provide you, the student, with important information regarding the costs, benefits and potential employment options of our certificate programs.

Academic Programs and Disclosures

Disclosure Program Web Page
Accounting Bookkeeping /accounting
Accounting General Accounting /accounting
Accounting Taxation /accounting
Biological Laboratory Technician /degrees-biological-laboratory-technician
Building Codes Technology Code Professional /building-codes-technology
Building Codes Technology Green Building Technology /building-codes-technology
Building Codes Technology Permit Technician /building-codes-technology
Building Codes Technology Residential Inspection /building-codes-technology
Business Administration /business
Business Information Worker /business
Business Management Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management /business
Business Management Management /business
Business Management Retail Management /business
Combination Building Inspection /building-codes-technology
Computer Networking Cisco /computer-networking
Computer Networking Cyber Security /computer-networking
Computer Networking Microsoft /computer-networking
Digital Media Design /digital-media-foundations
Digital Media Motion Graphic /digital-media-foundations
Digital Media Print Design /digital-media-foundations
Digital Media Web Design /digital-media-foundations
Digital Media Web Technologies /digital-media-foundations
Electronics /degrees-electronics-and-electric-technology
General Business /business
Gerontology /gerontology
Health Care Management /degrees-health-science
Health Science /degrees-health-science
Human Resources Management /business
Informatics /informatics
Legal Administrative AssistantSecretary /paralegal-studies
Marketing /business
Office Support Specialist Admin Professional Option /business
Office Support Specialist Administrative Manager /business
Office Support Specialist Financial Assistant /business
Office Support Specialist Financial Manager /business
Office Support Specialist General Office Manager /business
Paralegal Studies /paralegal-studies
Process Technology /process-technology
Real Estate Broker /real-estate-broker
Real Estate Studies /real-estate-broker
Supervision and Management /business
Supply Chain Management /business

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