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Explore the world of literature and ideas!


Explore the world of literature and ideas!

English Department

The ability to communicate effectively on paper is instrumental to academic and professional success. Coastline's English and Humanities courses help you prepare for a certificate, earn a degree, transfer to a university, or advance your career. Our students have busy schedules, so our caring instructors offer classes during fall, winter intersession, spring, and summer in 4-week, 8-week, and 16-week sessions through a variety of deliveries, including classroom, hybrid, independent study, and online.

Enrolling in Freshman Composition

In accordance with the state law AB 705, all incoming Coastline students enter English C100 Freshman Composition (3 units), ideally during their first semester. Based on the table below, some students may also elect to take English C090 (1 unit), basic skills and support co-requisite course, concurrently with specified sections of English C100. This allows all students to complete the freshman composition requirement in only one semester.

Eligibility table for students enrolling in English classes

Recommended for English C100 onlyRecommended for English C100 + C090
High school GPA of 2.6 or above High school GPA of 2.59 or below
OR Earned an A or B in highest level of high school English Earned a C or below in highest level of high school English
OR Note that any student is eligible for English C100, regardless of the criteria in the right column, preferably with the input of a counselor or instructor. English Language Learners and students completing the ESL pathway

Note that the English C100 + C090 option replaces the former English C099 to English C100 pathway starting Fall '19.

Which English placement is best for me?

To determine which English class or classes best fit your needs, please take a few minutes to assess yourself using this Guided Self-Placement tool:

Do you wish to refresh your English skills swiftly?

The College Readiness Program is a free, user-friendly online platform that allows you to enhance your English skills before, during, or after your class. To get signed up, visit the College Readiness Program web page or email them at:

Non-Credit Options

Starting Fall ’19, if you are a non-credit student seeking to develop your English reading and writing skills prior to enrolling in English C100, then you may enroll in English C098N Sentences to Paragraphs or English C099N Paragraphs to Essays. These courses are repeatable and tuition-free. Students who complete both non-credit courses earn the Preparation for College Writing certificate, after which they should be well-prepared to succeed in English C100 or at writing-related duties in the workforce.


Full-time Faculty

Stephanie Bridges

Oceana Callum

Part-Time Faculty

Ardinger, Charles
Brock, Marilyn
Carpenter, Linda
Daniel, Maribeth
Fry, Marilyn
Lopez, Michelle
Milton, Noelle
Morehouse, Karen
Nichols, Kristen
Oase, Daniel
Ozbirn, Katherine
Palmer, Cathy
Rogoff, Meri
Sakovich, Lauren
Seymer, Dave
Thacker, Terry
Volmer, Kim
Windsor, Adrian

Current English Offerings

English C100 Freshman Composition teaches students grammar and punctuation conventions, logic, critical thinking, fallacies, reading comprehension strategies, research methods, and the structures of the most common essay modes. (Please see above for placement info and descriptions of English C090, C098N, and C099N.)

After completing English C100, students who are planning to transfer to the University of California, to any private college or university in California, or to any university may take English C102 Critical Reasoning. Students who are on the IGETC (Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum) track are required to take 102, which focuses on reading critically, thinking critically, writing argumentative essays, and writing a research paper.

For other types of writing, students may take Fiction Writing, Business English, Business Writing, or Business Communication. Coastline has a wide variety of literature courses from which to choose: Appreciation of Literature, Children's Literature, American Literature: The Short Story, American Lit through the Civil War, American Lit 1865 to Present, Shakespeare, British Lit to 1800, British Lit Since 1800, Gothic Victorian Lit, and Contemporary Gothic Lit.

The English Major: Transfer A.A. Degree

The study of English provides opportunities to explore the worlds of literature and ideas. Coastline's English major produces graduates with demonstrated skills in literary analysis, research, critical thinking, and written communication. As English majors learn to read with a critical eye, they also polish their own writing skills.

AA Degree in English for Transfer

All of the literature courses (English C140 through English C297) count for C2 Humanities credit for the CSU A.A. Degree. English C140, English C145, English C150, English C155, English C181, English C270, and English C275 count in Group B: Humanities for the IGETC A.A. Degree. English C145 also counts for Coastline's Global and Multicultural Studies requirement.

Humanities Offerings

Coastline's Humanities courses provide insights into historical, religious, intellectual, socio-political, philosophical, and cultural values through the study of arts and civilizations. Our three offerings, HUM C100 Introduction to the Humanities, HUM C110 Humanities through the Arts, and HUM C135 History and Appreciation of the Cinema also fulfill IGETC Area 3, CSU Area C, CCC Group C, and the CCC Global and Multicultural Studies requirement.

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