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Digital Media Foundations

Prepare for an exciting career as an illustrator, multimedia artist, web designer or animator.

Why study Digital Media at Coastline?

In a recent study on high technology occupations in the motion picture and television industry (conducted by the California Community Colleges) a new term was introduced- "crossover skills." These indispensable skills are taught in Coastline's digital media program and are crucial in many industries that employ graphic artists, including the motion picture and television industry.

Along with necessary "crossover skills" that will prepare you for a variety of careers, Coastline's graphic arts program will teach you the basics, including color and design, plus all the necessary computer software programs like Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver , Maya or 3ds Max.

From ad agencies to print shops to "in-house" art departments in corporations to film and animation studios, the different kinds of positions offered in the Graphic Design field keep on growing. Coastline Community College offers students the Graphic Design courses they need to prepare them for jobs that cover the creative spectrum from Graphic Design Specialist to Technical Illustrator, or Fashion, Set or Exhibit Designer to Art Director!

People who can design for both print and the web are the most highly sought by employers. Coastline's students will establish a strong foundation in both the technical and artistic aspects of the digital industry after they have completed their chosen certificates of study.

If you are currently working full-time and attending school part-time, you can expect to complete the above courses within just one year by attending the summer, fall and spring semesters! If you are a full-time Coastline student, you can easily complete these courses in just 6 months!

Digital Media Foundations Certificates

The Digital Media Faculty have professional experience in the Graphic Design industry. Classes are held at Garden Grove's new Digital Media Center and online.

Upon completing the Digital Media Foundations Core Courses, you can focus your skills in a select area of either Print, Web, Motion Graphics Design, or Informatics. Advanced classes are available in all three areas to give you the skills and creativity you need to succeed.

Specialty Certificates

  • Animation
  • Informatics
  • Motion Graphics Design
  • Print Design
  • Web Design
  • Web Technologies

Access the college catalog for specific information regarding courses, certificates, and pathways to professional advancement!

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure

Use the link below to view Coastline Community Colleges Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure for this program. These reports provide you, the student, with important information regarding the costs, benefits, and potential employment options of our certificate programs.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

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