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Degree Option 1

Coastline General Education Pattern

Coastline Community College Associate Degree General Education Pattern - 2017-2018

This general education option is designed for students pursuing an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science (AA/AS) and who may or may not be planning to transfer to a four-year institution. Most of the coursework in this option is applicable towards transfer. Other colleges and universities may accept this degree for transfer. See a Coastline counselor for more information.

Students must at least 18 units in the specific courses listed in Groups A-E. Students may select courses from any sub-area under each specific group. One course may not be used to satisfy more than one general education requirement; however, the same course may be used to satisfy both a general education and a requirement for the major or area of emphasis. Students may double-count courses for the Global and Multicultural Studies Requirement.

Group A: Basic Subjects

Choose one course from each area:

A1: Mass Communication
  • CMST C100, C101, C110, C140, C150, C220
A2: English Competency

C or better

  • ENGL C100, C109, C135
A3: Math Competency

Pass the Math Placement Test or completion of two years of high school algebra (Algebra 1 & 2) or passing one of the following with a "C" or better

  • MATH C030, C045, C100, C103, C104, C106, C115, C120, C140, C150, C160, C170, C180, C186, C280, C285

    MATH 030, 045 do not count toward the minimum 18 units required for Option 1 GE, but do count toward the 60 for degree.

Group B: Natural Sciences

Complete any three units (*: courses include a lab):

B1: Physical Science
  • ASTR C100, *C100 and 100L, C101, C102, C103
  • CHEM C100, C105, *C110, *C130, *C140, *C180, *C185, *C220, *C225
  • GEOL C105, *C105 and C105L, *C106, C115, C185, *C185 and C185L
  • PHYS C110, *C110 and C110L, *C120, *C125, *C140, *C185, *C280, *C285
B2: Life Science
  • ANTH C185
  • BIOL C100, *C100 and C100L, *C100C, C120, *C180, *C185, *C210, C211, *C211 and C211L, *C220, *C221, *C225, C281, C282, C283
  • ECOL C100
  • MRSC C100, *C100 and C100L, *C105

Group C: Arts and Humanities

Complete any three units

C1: Arts
  • ART C100, C101, C102, C103, C104, C105, C109, C110, C110A, C110B, C120, C120A, C120B, C121, C122, C122A, C122B, C127, C129, C130, C131, C132, C133, C134, C135, C136, C137, C138, C139, C140, C142, C147A, C150, C151, C190, C205, C212, C214, C220, C221, C222A, C222B, C228, C229, C230, C231, C232, C233, C234, C235, C236, C237, C238, C239, C240, C242, C261, C262, C263, C265
  • DANC C200
  • MUS C100, C103, C130, C139, C143
  • THEA C100, C101, C106, C107, C111
C2: Humanities
  • SIGN C180, C185
  • ARAB C180, C180A, C180B
  • CHIN C180, C185, C280, C285
  • ENGL C102, C111, C140, C143, C144, C145, C146, C150, C155, C163, C181, C270, C275, C296, C297
  • FREN C180, C185, C280, C285
  • HIST C115, C121, C122, C124, C126, C128, C132, C135, C146, C150, C155, C161, C162, C170, C175, C180, C185
  • HUM C100, C110, C135
  • ITAL C180, C185, C280, C285
  • JAPN C180, C185; PHIL C100, C102, C113, C115, C120, C140
  • SPAN C160, C165, C180, C180A, C180B, C185, C185A, C185B, C280, C280A, C280B, C285
  • THEA C101
  • VIET C160, C180, C185, C280, C285

Group D: Social Sciences

Complete any three units

  • ANTH C100, C120, C150, C185
  • CMST C150
  • CRJU C140
  • ECON C110, C170, C175
  • GEOG C100, C180, C185
  • HIST C101, C115, C121, C122, C124, C125, C126, C128, C132, C135, C146, C150, C155, C161, C162, C170, C175, C180, C185
  • MCOM C100, C150
  • PSCI C101, C140, C160, C180, C185
  • PSYC C100, C116, C118, C165, C170, C250, C255, C260, C280
  • SOC C100, C110, C120, C130, C185

Group E: Self-Development

Complete any three units

  • BUS C120
  • COUN C104, C105
  • FN C170
  • HLTH C100, C120
  • KIN C100
  • LIBR C110
  • MS C144, C145, C150, C151
  • PE C101, C102, C115, C116, C118A, C118B, C119A, C119B, C121A, C121B, C126A, C126B, C169A, C169B, PE C190, C201, C289
  • PSYC C116, C118, C165, C170

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