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Degrees - Leadership

Leadership - Certificate of Accomplishment


The Management and Supervision Leadership Certificate recognizes the formal leadership study, participation, and student commitment to student government at Coastline Community College as well as to student government organizations in the local region and the State of California. Students receiving the Leadership Certificate will have developed skills related to evaluating and assessing leadership characteristics and skills, communicating within groups, managing conflict, setting goals, solving problems creatively, facilitating effective decision-making, delegating tasks, inspiring a shared vision, motivating and enabling others, utilizing parliamentary procedures, and conducting effective meetings. Employers and four-year transfer institutions often place value upon involvement in student government or other direct leadership development activities.


Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Effectively communicate solutions to business problems, using appropriate language and tools and demonstrating understanding of business terms and concepts.
  • Analyze and recommend effective business decisions/solutions using a systematic, evaluative, and information-based approach.
  • Develop and exhibit high standards of professional practice, demonstrating awareness of ethical and social responsibilities in today's multicultural, team-oriented, rapidly-changing global environment.

Students will complete all of the following:

Course ID Name Units
MS C144 Introduction to Leadership 3.0
MS C145 Personal Leadership 3.0
MS C150 Organizational Leadership 1 3.0
MS C151 Organizational Leadership 2 3.0
Total for Certificate 12.0

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure

Use the link below to view Coastline Community Colleges Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure for this program. These reports provide you, the student, with important information regarding the costs, benefits, and potential employment options of our degree and certificate programs.

Gainful Employment Disclosure

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