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Degrees - Information Technology

Informatics - Associate of Arts or Science Degree or Certificate of Achievement


Informatics is uniquely focused on computers and people. This program is designed for students interested in the design and implementation of software and information systems that help users work more effectively. It has strong emphasis on the technical design and implementation of software and information systems. Students will learn how to design, build, and analyze actual systems that are used in industry.


Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Design, develop, and analyze software that meets specifications for quality software.
  • Select and use appropriate software and apply conceptual thinking skills to solve problems and complete assigned projects.
  • Design and implement software/web based systems that address human computer interface issues.

Students will complete all of the following:

First Year

Course ID Name Units
INFM C102 Concepts in Programming Languages 2 3.0
INFM C141 Informatics Core 1 4.0
INFM C142 Informatics Core 2 4.0
INFM C143 Informatics Core 3 4.0
ICS C123 Fundamental Data Structures 3.0
ICS C141 Concepts of Programming Languages 1 3.0
Subtotal for the First Year 21.0

Second Year

Course ID Name Units
INFM C111 Software Methods and Tools 3.0
INFM C113 Requirements Analysis and Engineering 3.0
INFM C115 Software Specification & Quality Engineering 3.0
INFM C121 Software Design 1 3.0
INFM C131 Human-Computer Interaction 3.0
INFM C132 Project in Human Computer Interaction 3.0
Subtotal Second Year 18.0
Total for Certificate 39.0
Total for Degree 60.0

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