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Degrees - Building Codes Technology

Building Codes Professional - Associate of Science Degree or Certificate of Achievement


Coastline's Building Codes Professional program (BCT) is a comprehensive building codes program taught by experts in the field which includes structural, mechanical, and technical aspects of construction; building, plumbing, electrical, heating and air conditioning codes; and related laws. International Conference of Building Officials (ICBO), International Code Councils (ICC), and California Code exams and licenses are covered to prepare students for employments in residential, commercial, and code enforcement.


Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Assess new and existing residential, commercial, public and industrial buildings, and offer recommendations for property improvement before or after purchase or for a specific project.
  • Working with architects, engineers, contractors, and property owners, inspect and evaluate construction plans, use of materials and workmanship to assure they comply and meet minimum code requirements.

Students will complete all of the following:

Course ID Name Units
BCT C300 Introduction to International Building Code 3.0
BCT C301 Residential/Construction Blueprint Reading 3.0
BCT C302 California Administrative Code (Title 24) 3.0
BCT C303 Non-Structural Provisions of Building Code 3.0
BCT C304 Concrete Code 3.0
BCT C305 Framing Requirements of Building Code 3.0
BCT C306 Electrical Code 3.0
BCT C307 Mechanical Code 3.0
BCT C308 Plumbing Code 3.0
BCT C311 International Residential Code 3.0
Total for Certificate 30.0
Total for Degree 60.0

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure

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Gainful Employment Disclosure

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