Building Codes Technology

C-TV host David tells you why you should consider a career in Building Codes Technology.

Work in code enforcement, as a permit technician, or building inspector.

Not just hammers and nails, the BCT program incorporates new advancements in Building Codes Technology.

The Building Codes Technology Certificate Program is a comprehensive program consisting of four concentrations which focuses on both commercial and residential building code coursework. Taught by experts in the field, students are offered a broad curriculum, including learning about construction materials, building systems, codes, and blueprint reading.

The Building Codes certificate prepares you for a career in building inspection, building construction and supervision, permit technician, and other building code related careers. It is suitable for those new to the industry, those already in the inspection or construction industry, and includes supporting instruction for plans examiners, architects, engineers, project managers, facilities managers, design professionals, codes enforcement officers, housing enforcement staff, fire personnel, and building officials. The certificate also helps prepare students for the International Code Council (ICC) certification exams.

Certificate of Achievement: Building Codes Technology

Learn more about our Certificate of Achievement offered at Coastline. Download the program brochure downloads a pdf document.

Building Code Technology Program Course Outlines

Student Learning Outcomes


Section Description

Comprehensive study to International Building Code chapters that concern the inspection of steel wood framing. The course also includes wall coverings, foundations, and roofing. The main emphasis is on the inspection techniques. ADVISORY: BCT C300. Graded or Pass/No Pass option.

Course Level Student Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze and inspect steel and wood framed structures for compliance with all building code requirements.
  • Appraise the quality of workmanship in steel and wood framed structures.
  • Evaluate test reports on soil conditions prior to start of construction.
  • Explain code requirements to building construction personnel.
  • Identify and inspect various types of connectors and fasteners used in steel and wood framed buildings.
  • Inspect for compliance with soil engineers specifications.
  • Inspect various types of interior and exterior wall and ceiling coverings for compliance with building code requirements.

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

  • Assess the role and responsibilities of the permit technician and implement ethical standards.
  • Examine construction plans and evaluate if minimum code requirements have been met for each occupancy.
  • Select the proper type of construction to ensure correct implementation of building code and law.

Institutional Level Student Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate ability to apply critical thinking and analysis.

Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure

Use the link below to view Coastline Community Colleges Federal Gainful Employment Disclosure for this program. These reports provide you, the student, with important information regarding the costs, benefits, and potential employment options of our certificate programs.

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