Coastline’s Vision & Mission

Coastline Community College promotes academic excellence and student success for today’s global students…
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Coastline's Vision:

"Creating opportunities for student success."

Coastline's Mission:

Coastline Community College offers degrees and certificates to local, global, traditional, and non-traditional students through accessible, flexible, and innovative education and services with a commitment to excellence at all academic levels demonstrated by student learning achievement outcomes.

2016-2020 College Goals

Coastline incorporates a broad range of assessments to ensure that the mission of the campus is being followed and continually met. Within the metrics of the College are the college wide goals, which govern the planning direction as a guiding principle for continuous quality improvement. The following provides a list of the 2016-2020 Coastline goals.

Student Success, Completion, and Achievement:
The focus of this goal is to increase student academic success, and completion of basic skills and academic pathways leading to the attainment of degrees, certificates, and transfer to four-year universities.
Instructional and Programmatic Excellence:
The focus of this goal is continually to assess and improve the quality of instructional courses and programs to support student success, completion, and achievement.
Access and Student Support:
The focus of this goal is to increase student access to obtain a high quality education and provide adequate learning support services to enhance the learning experience and to advance student success, completion, and achievement.
Student Retention and Persistence:
The focus of this goal is to increase student course retention and term-to-term persistence leading to the timely completion of basic skills, degree, certificate, and transfer pathways.
Culture of Evidence, Planning, Innovation, and Change:
The focus of this goal is to continually build, strengthen, and advance the College’s planning culture and strategies around evidence-based and governance structures to create significant positive change.
Partnerships and Community Engagement:
The focus of this goal is to strengthen collaborative activities through partnerships with the business industry, government agencies, educational institutions, and the public to enhance the College's capabilities and opportunities for students.
Fiscal Stewardship, Scalability, and Sustainability:
The focus of this goal is to advance and sustain the College’s capacity for student success and achievement through the efficient use of resources as well as expanded, diverse, and responsive programs and services.

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