Guided Pathways

What is the "Guided Pathways Model"?

Guided Pathways is an integrated, institution-wide approach to student success. The Guided Pathways model is intentionally designed to provide clear, coherent, and structured educational experiences for students. The components of Guided Pathways are designed with the intention to lead each student effectively and efficiently from entry into the College to the attainment of high-quality postsecondary credentials leading to careers with value in the labor market.

The four components of Guided Pathways include:

Clarifying the path focuses on simplifying students’ choices with effective program maps developed by faculty to provide students a clear pathway to complete their educational goals.

Entering the path helps students explore academic and career options from the beginning of their college experience and aligns foundational skills coursework with a student’s program of study.

Staying on the path utilizes academic and student support services throughout students’ programs to promote student learning and persistence.

Ensuring students are learning focuses on the continuous assessment and enhancement of programs, instructional practices, and student support services which promotes innovation, excellence, and effectiveness throughout the college.


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