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Student Services Wing Planning Council


The Student Services Wing Planning Council will utilize student achievement, service area performance outcome data, and Student Services Departmental Reviews to inform annual plans for the Wing. The Council will prioritize initiatives and resource requests that are identified through the review process.

In pursuit of the above, this Council provides advisement to the Vice President of Student Services through the following:

  • Facilitate effective, efficient and timely Student Services Departmental Reviews, annual planning, and budgeting processes.
  • Develop a comprehensive annual plan for Student Services with clear goals and outcomes, budget projection, and a year-end review and evaluation
  • Review and revise wing plans on an annual basis
  • Monitor and track Student Services contributions to institutional Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Address how each department/program is aligning with the Wing goals
  • Ensure compliance with legislation, regulations, and directives
  • Clearly and consistently communicate funding priorities and resource allocations to the entire Student Services Wing.

Members (21) 2018-19

Administrators (8)

  • Dean, Instruction (Dana Emerson)
  • Dean, Counseling (Bruce Keeler)
  • Director, Enrollment Services (Jim West)
  • Director, EOPS/CARE (VACANT)
  • Director, Financial Aid Designee (Kathie Tran)
  • Dean, Students (Natalie Schonfeld)
  • Director, Student Life (Nathan Brais)
  • Manager, ELD (Araba Mensah)

Faculty (4)

  • Academic Senate President (Ann Holliday)
  • Academic Senate Representative (David Devine)
  • Counseling Department Faculty (Velvet Miscione)
  • DSPS Faculty (Celeste Ryan)

Classified (7)

  • President, Classified Senate or Designee (Rosalie Triggs)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (VACANT)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Jason Montgomery)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (VACANT)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Laura Hayes)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Anita Russell)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Michelle Wang)

Student (2)

  • ASG Rep (Eduardo Sanchez)
  • ASG Rep (VACANT)

Resource – As needed

  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness & Planning (Aeron Zentner)
  • Director, Student Equity and Title IX (Leighia Fleming)

Non-Voting Member

  • Vice President, Student Services (Kate Mueller)


  • Kate Mueller 241-6160
  • Michelle Wang 241-6226
  • Faculty Chair TBD

Committee Support

  • VACANT 241-6208

Meeting Schedule, etc.

September– December/ February– May
2nd Wednesday
10 a.m. – 12 p.m.
College Center

Student Services Wing Planning Council Documents

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