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Professional Development Institute (PDI)


To provide methods for all faculty to achieve professional growth and advise the College administration and the Academic Senate on faculty professional development; to arrange the procedures for faculty to meet professional development activity objectives per contractual agreements; and keep faculty informed of professional development activities, funding availability, and application deadlines.

Members (7)

  • Faculty (Lisa Lee)
  • Faculty (Ken Leighton)
  • Faculty (Joshua Levenshus)
  • Faculty (Velvet Miscione)
  • Faculty (Danny Pittaway)
  • Faculty (Laurie Runk)
  • VP, Instruction (Vince Rodriguez) (Non-Voting)

Meeting Schedule

September – December / February - May; 1st Friday; 10:00 am – 12:00 noon.


College Center


Administrative Liaison

  • Vince Rodriguez (714) 241–6195

Committee Support

  • Nancy Ramirez (714) 241–6196

Professional Development Institute (PDI) Documents

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