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Probation & Disqualification Panel


To evaluate and review current probation/disqualification practices; develop appropriate procedures and processes.

Members (7) 2018-19

  • Academic Senate Rep. (General Education) (Thomas Cao)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (CTE) (Angela Gomez-Holbrook)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Michael Bach)
  • Counselor (Daniel Weber)
  • Counselor (Christy Nguyen)
  • Dean, Counseling (Bruce Keeler)
  • Student Success Center Coordinator (Danny Pittaway)
  • Student Pool: ASG Members


  • Bruce Keeler 241-6257

Committee Support

  • Thien Vu 241-6343

Meeting Schedule, etc.

Once a semester
College Center

Probation & Disqualification Panel Documents

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