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Instructional Services Wing Planning Council


The Instruction Planning Council provides advisement to the Vice-President of Instruction related to the following areas:

  • Enrollment Management
  • Instructional wing plans
  • Program scheduling
  • Program innovation, initiation, expansion, and consolidation
  • Professional development and training needs
  • Grant and entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Instructional resource needs
  • Facilities utilization
  • Significant need for budgetary augmentation or reduction
  • Program Review analysis and connection to resources
  • Instructional and staff resources

Members (28) 2017-18

Administrators (9)

  • VP, Instruction (Vince Rodriguez)
  • Dean of Instruction, CTE/GGC (Nancy Jones)
  • Dean of Instruction, Le-Jao Center (Dana Emerson)
  • Dean of Instruction, NB Center (Tom Neal)
  • Dean of Counseling (Bruce Keeler)
  • Associate Dean of Instruction, Distance Learning (Bob Nash)
  • Director, Office of Learning and Information Technology (VACANT)
  • Admin. Dir, Institutional Effectiveness & Planning (Aeron Zentner)
  • Manager, MECTBD (VACANT)

Faculty (14)

  • President, Academic Senate (Stephen Barnes)
  • Vice-President, Academic Senate (Deborah Henry)
  • Vice-President, Academic Senate (Lisa Lee)
  • Curriculum Committee Chair (Dan Johnson)
  • Program Review Committee Representative (Ann Holliday)
  • Student Success Coordinator (Danny Pittaway)
  • Librarian (Elizabeth Horan)
  • Faculty Success Center Coordinator (Rick Lockwood)
  • SLO/Program Review Coordinator (Joshua Levenshus)
  • Open Educational Resources Coordinator (Scott Davis)
  • Articulation Officer (Daniel Weber)
  • Academic Senate Representatives (Margaret Lovig)
  • Academic Senate Representatives (Linda Kuntzman)
  • DSPS Representative (Celeste Ryan)

Classified (3)

  • Classified Senate President or Designee (Araba Mensah)
  • Classified Senate Representative (Brenda Perdue)
  • Classified Senate Representative (Ann French)

Marketing Representative (1)

  • Director, Marketing & PR (VACANT)

Students (1)

  • ASG representative


  • President, Academic Senate
  • Vice President, Instruction

Committee Support

  • Administrative Assistant

Meeting Schedule, etc.

February & September: Planning Council Meeting
March & October: Planning Council & Department Chairs Meeting
April & November: Planning Council & Town Hall Meeting
1st Thursday
3 - 5 p.m.


College Center

Instructional Services Wing Planning Council Documents

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