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College Professional Development & Leadership Committee


To promote, coordinate, recommend, and support the creation and delivery of professional development and leadership programs that increase the effectiveness of our institution and the satisfaction of our employees.

Members (13) 2017-18

  • Academic Senate Rep. (Lisa Lee)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Randall Warwick)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Ken Leighton)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Rick Lockwood)
  • Dean of Innovative Learning (Shelly Blair)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Leslie Mangrum)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Araba Mensah)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Vacant)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Vacant)
  • Director of HR (Renate Akins)
  • Extended Learning (Nate Harrison)
  • Faculty Success Center Coordinator (Cheryl Chapman)
  • MECTBD Administrator Rep. (Judy Garvey)
  • Flex Coordinator (Ann Holliday)
  • Dean of Institutional Effectiveness (Aeron Zentner)


  • Cheryl Chapman 906-5126
  • Shelly Blair/Renate Akins 241-6251/241-6146

Committee Support

  • Dorothy McCollom 241-6206

Meeting Schedule, etc.

September - December / February - May
1st Tuesdays (meet as needed)
3 - 5 p.m.


College Center

College Professional Development & Leadership Committee Documents

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