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Budget Committee


To identify resources to be allocated based on the mission, plans and goals of the college as articulated in the Education Master Plan (EMP) and as developed and recommended by the Planning, Institutional Effectiveness and Accreditation Committee. Members must also be a member of PIEAC.

Members (16) 2017-18

  • Academic Senate President; Co-Chair of PIEAC (Stephen Barnes)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Rick Lockwood/Kevin Erdkamp)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (David Devine/Deborah Henry)
  • Adm Dir., Institutional Effectiveness & Planning (Aeron Zentner)
  • ASG Rep. (Jonathan Gomez)
  • CFCE Rep. (Marie Hulett)
  • Classified Senate President or Designee (Maria Mai)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Krystal Neal)
  • Classified Senate Rep. (Kimberly Bui)
  • Dean, Instruction (Area Center) (Nancy Jones)
  • Faculty (CFE/AFT) (Ann Holliday)
  • VP, Administrative Services (Christine Nguyen)
  • VP, Instruction (Vince Rodriguez)

(Non-Voting, Ex-Officio Member)

  • Director, Business Services (Helen Rothgeb)


  • Stephen Barnes 241-6156
  • Christine Nguyen 241-6144

Committee Support

  • Martha Tran-Nguyen 241-6145

Meeting Schedule, etc.

September - December / February - May
2nd Wednesday
1:00 - 3:00 p.m.


College Center

Budget Committee Documents

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