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Location, Hours, and Contact Information

Coastline's Assessment Center is located in Room 412 on the fourth floor of the Coastline College Center.

  • Address: 11460 Warner Avenue, Fountain Valley 92708 (Room 412)
  • Hours of Operation:
    • Monday - Thursday: 8:00am to 5:00pm
    • Friday: 8:00am to 12:00pm
  • Phone: (714) 241-6285
  • E-mail:

What services does the Assessment Center offer?

The Assessment Center provides services for placement options, as well as administering alternative exams for students enrolling in distance learning courses. In addition, the Assessment Center serves a Telecourse Viewing Center for students enrolled in distance learning courses.

Coastline College no longer requires or provides placement testing for English and math courses. According to the passing of AB 705, a community college is required to maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in English and math within a one year timeframe while receiving the necessary support.

Important updates about AB 705

Educate yourself on your rights as a student under the new California Assembly Bill.


English & Math Placement Guides

Students may also receive placement into English and math courses via the following alternative methods:

Guided Self-Placement

Guided Self-Placement As of January 1, 2018, students may bypass developmental-level prerequisites and place themselves into college-level math and English: "a community college district or community college may use self-reported high school information or guided placement, including self-placement for students" (AB 705, 2017, Sec. 2D). Students enrolling under this open placement model may wish to receive guidance to maximize their likelihood of succeeding in college-level (non-developmental) classes in the shortest time possible.

Students can complete the Coastline English and math Guided Self-Placement form by email. Include full name and Coastline student ID number.

Challenge a Prerequisite

Challenge a Prerequisite students may challenge a prerequisite by completing the Prerequisite/Clearance/Challenge request form. Students are required to take the placement tests prior to filing the petition. Completed forms should be submitted to the Admissions & Records office located in Fountain Valley at the College Center.

Use Your College Transcripts

Successful completion of prerequisite courses students who have successfully completed an English or math course from an accredited college or university that is considered equivalent at Coastline. Students can submit their official transcripts to the Admissions & Records office.

Students who possess an associate degree or higher may be exempt from placement testing. Students must provide official transcripts in order to verify satisfactory completion of college-level English and math coursework in order to be exempt from testing. Students can submit their official transcripts to the Admissions & Records office.

Use Your High School Records

Multiple Measure Assessment Project (MMAP) Students who recently (within the last 10 years) attended high school for three or more years can receive placement into English and math courses based on the courses completed; their grades in those courses; and the cumulative, unweighted high school GPA. Some students may be placed directly in transfer-level English and mathematics courses. Students can complete the MMAP form in the Assessment Center or submit the completed form to as a PDF attachment.

Early Assessment Program (EAP) high school students who received a "Ready"/ "Standard Exceeded" status for English and/or Math. Students can submit their results to the Admissions & Records office.

Advanced Placement (AP) scores students who received a score of "3" or above on AP Calculus and/or AP English Literature or AP English Language and Composition. Students can submit their results to the Admissions & Records office.

Previous Test Results/Credit Scores

College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits students can submit their results to the Admissions & Records office for math placement only.

International Baccalaureate (IB) scores students can earn IB credit with minimum score of 5 except where noted in the catalog. Students can submit their results to the Admissions & Records office.

Placement test results students who have taken a placement test at another accredited community college within the last two years (excludes ESL). Students can submit their results to the Admissions & Records office.

Schedule an Exam with the Assessment Center

Alternative Mid-Term and Final Appointments Review what materials are permissible by the Assessment Center and/or Instructor. This information can be found in the course syllabus. (For example)

  • May Calculators be used? (type allowed)
  • May any notes for formula sheets be used? (i.e 8x11, notecard, one side, or both sides)
  • Time limit - When making an appointment, students should be aware of making their exam appointment at an hour that allows them the full amount of time to be used.

Make an appointment with the Assessment Center

Policies and Procedures

  • Course Exam
  • Special accommodations
    • If you a medical condition that requires additional accommodations (i.e dietary needs, restroom breaks, etc.) Please contact the Disabled Students Program and Services department to arrange for your testing accommodations. Telephone: (714) 241 - 6214 or TDD (714) 751 - 2072

Related Services

Admissions & Records Office - Matriculation Department Contact Information
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Office: 1st Floor, College Center in Fountain Valley, CA.
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Distance Learning Department

Need assistance regarding your distance learning courses? The staff can assist you with logging into the Canvas Course Portal or completing the Proctor Agreement Form.

Telephone: (714) 241-6216

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