Students with Disabilities

Students with disabilities are invited to request assistance from Special Programs and Services for the Disabled…
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Students with Disabilities

Mainstream Support Services

Students with disabilities (e.g., mobility, communication, speech, hearing, learning, vision, acquired brain injury, developmental, psychological) are invited to request assistance from Special Programs and Services for the Disabled. Services include, but are not limited to: interpreting services, note taking, registration assistance, special counseling, special materials/equipment (i.e., digital recorders, enlarged print materials, taped texts and other alternately formatted materials), test proctoring, tutoring and vocational guidance.

Students with disabilities who wish to enroll in Coastline classes are invited to call upon Special Programs and Services for the Disabled for assistance, or download, complete, and forward the forms listed below to our office.

Erica Valle and/or Celeste Ryan can offer information about special classes, site accessibility and support services. Call (714) 241-6214 or TDD (714) 751-2072.

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Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) Program and Services

Coastline's ABI Program is a demanding one-year educational program designed to provide structured cognitive retraining for adults who have sustained a brain injury due to traumatic (such as a motor vehicle accident or fall) or non-traumatic (such as a non-age-related stroke, brain tumor or infection) injuries.

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Intellectual Disabilities (ID) Program and Services

The Intellectual Disabilities program offers classes and new certificates designed especially for students with lower cognitive skills, i.e., students who exhibit below-average intellectual functioning and a potential for measurable achievement in an instructional or employment setting. The ID program has classes for students with mild to moderate ID and some classes for those individuals with more severe to profound ID. The majority of classes are non-credit and are free.

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Adaptive Fitness

Coastline offers seven classes designed to assist seniors with disabilities in the maintenance of general physical fitness, flexibility, and balance. Students participate in one class meeting per week for up to two hours. The classes are lively, positive and fun. Students report increased flexibility and energy. They also learn techniques to prevent dangerous falls and how to safely get up if they do fall.

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