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Free Tutoring For Coastline Students

The Student Success Center has locations at all of Coastline's campuses. We welcome all Coastline students to visit to study, receive assistance from a tutor, and to use our computers and resources to help you achieve your goals at Coastline. We offer the following services:

  • Tables and desks for quiet study.
  • Internet-connected computers for research, school email, and homework.
  • Writing tutors who can help with any writing assignment for any class.
  • Math tutors who can assist with any math class.
  • Tutors who can help you improve your study skills, organization, and time management.

Please click on a box below to learn about the current services and hours for each Student Success Center location. For more information or to request online tutoring, please send a message to

Spring 2015 Tutoring Schedule

Success Center Locations

College Center (Room 400)

College Center
11460 Warner Avenue
Fountain Valley, CA 92708

Phone: 714-241-6237

To schedule a 30-minute appointment for tutoring, listen to the full message and wait for the phone to ring. If no one answers please leave a message.

Garden Grove Info Commons Lab / Student Success Center

Garden Grove Center
12901 Euclid Street
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Phone: 714-241-6209 x17316

Services offered ( Summer 2014 )
  • Accounting Tutoring: T 1pm-8pm, T 2pm-8pm
  • Biological Science Tutoring: M/T 1pm-7pm
  • Chemistry Tutoring: T/Th 8am-12pm
  • Math Tutoring: M 2pm-8pm, T 8am-12pm & 12pm-4pm, W 2pm-6pm, Th 8am-12pm & 12pm-4pm
  • Physics Tutoring: M 2pm-8pm, W 4pm-8pm, T/Th 8am-12pm
  • Writing Tutoring / General Studies: M/W 4pm-8pm
  • Online Tutoring Requests:

Le-Jao Student Success Center (Room 101 & 111)

Le-Jao Center
14120 All American Way
Westminster, CA 92683

Phone: 714-241-6184 x17420
Hours: M-Th 8:30am-8pm; F 8:30am-5pm

Services offered ( Summer 2014 )
  • ESL Tutoring: T/W 1pm-7pm
  • General Studies Tutoring: T/W 1pm-7pm
  • Math Tutoring: T/W 1pm-7pm
  • Science Tutoring: T/W 1pm-7pm
  • Writing Tutoring: T/W 2pm-7pm
  • Online Tutoring Requests:

Newport Beach Student Success Center (Room 118)

Newport Beach Center
1515 Monrovia Avenue
Newport Beach, CA 92663

Phone: 714-241-6213 x17210

Services offered ( Summer 2014 )
  • ESL Tutoring: T/Th 12pm-5pm
  • General Studies Tutoring: T/Th 12pm-8pm
  • Math / Natural Sciences Tutoring: T/Th 2pm-8pm
  • Writing Tutoring: T/Th 2pm-8pm
  • Online Tutoring Requests:

Extended Services

Embedded Tutoring

The following courses provide an in-class tutor who is present during all class sessions.

Course List ( Summer 2014 )
course title CRN(s)
ACCT C101 Financial Accounting 90545
ACCT C102 Managerial Accounting 90425
Bio C100 Introduction to Biology 92423
English C099 Fund of Composition 90182 / 90007 / 90806
English C100 Freshman Composition 90218 / 90738 / 92106 / 91173 / 92107 / 90405 / 90784 / 75524 / 70405
English C102 Critical Reasoning 91651 / 73409 / 73251
English C135 Business Writing 92274 / 92312 / 95487 / 95489
English C297 Contemporary Gothic Lit 92313
Health C100 Personal Health 92288 / 90283
Math C005 Basic Mathematics 73229
Math C008 Pre-Algebra 90095
Math C010 Elementary Algebra 95049
Math C030 Intermediate Algebra 95050 / 73327 / 73236
Math C160 Introduction to Statistics 92345 / 92253 / 90476 / 72080
Math C170 Precalculus 92215
Math C170 Calculus 1 73104
Math C185 Calculus 2 90826
MS C100 Bus Organization & Mgmt 95054 / 90052

Online Student Success Center (Distance Learning)

Services offered ( Summer 2014 )

Please email if you are a distance learning student and would like to request tutoring assistance for an assignment or class.

Supplemental Instruction (SI)

Selected sections of Biology 210: Microbiology, Biology 220: Human Anatomy, and Biology 225: Physiology have an in-class tutor (supplemental instruction leader) who is present in class and who also leads a weekly review session for students outside of class.

Course List ( Summer 2014 )
course title CRN(s)
Math C010 Elementary Algebra 90097 / 92196
Math C030 Intermediate Algebra 90099
Biology C220 Human Anatomy 91960 / 92076 / 91961 / 73287 / 73212
Biology C225 Human Physiology 91966
Biology C210 General Microbiology 91705

Coastline Military Students

DANTES College Placement Skills Training (CPST):

The Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES) launched the College Placement Skills Training (CPST) program on 1 October 2013. The CPST serves as a companion tool to the Online Academic Skills Course (OASC) and will assist users in preparing for college by providing a refresher of college algebra and/or English Composition. The CPST can be accessed at and is available to Service members, DoD civilians, and family members to help prepare for college, build academic skills, and prepare for exams such as the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) and DSST. Army counselors can access the Press Release via "Education Policy Documents" link within the "Army Education Counselor Communications" link.

General Information

About the SSC

Student Success Center - Le Jao (Rooms 101/111)
  • Tables for individual or group study
  • 35 computers (desktop PC) for student use
  • ESL tutoring
  • Writing tutoring (all classes; all assignments)
  • Math tutoring
  • Biology tutoring (Fridays only for Spring 2014)
  • Study skills tutoring

Student Success Center - Newport (Room 118)
  • Desks and tables Individual or group study
  • 40 computers (desktop PC) for student use
  • Writing tutoring (all classes; all assignments)
  • Math tutoring
  • Physics tutoring
  • Chemistry tutoring
  • Biology tutoring
  • Study skills tutoring

Student Success Center - Garden Grove (Info Commons Lab)
  • Individual or group study
  • 30 computers (desktop PC) for student use
  • Writing tutoring
  • Math tutoring
  • Biology tutoring
  • Physics tutoring
  • Chemistry tutoring
  • Accounting tutoring
  • Study skills tutoring

Student Success Center - College Center (4th Floor, EOPS/Financial Aid Area)
  • Writing tutoring
  • Math tutoring
  • Psychology tutoring
  • Business tutoring
  • Economics tutoring

Student Success Center - Online (send email to
  • Course-embedded tutoring
  • Supplemental instruction for math (live video webinars)
  • Email-based tutoring

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