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Login to MyCCC , our online portal to your personal Coastline Community College (CCC) resources. MyCCC is a district-wide enterprise. So, if you are a student, instructor or employee at Orange Coast College, or Golden West College (in addition to your role at CCC) you will be able to access those resources in MyCCC as well.

MyCCC is customizable and unique to each user. Factors that make MyCCC unique to you are which Coast community colleges you are engaged with as well as what your role is at each campus. For instance, a student who attends courses just at CCC will not see any information pertaining to faculty, staff, or the other campuses in the district, but will be able to access his/her Coastline information, including grades, financial aid, etc. However, a faculty member who teaches both at CCC and GWC will be able to view his faculty resources for both campuses.

You can log into MyCCC from any computer with an internet connection and web browser (Internet Explorer/Firefox). MyCCC works on PC and Mac computers.

MyCCC Password Reset Requests

Trouble Logging In to MyCCC?

Students are encouraged to try the following prior to calling the IT Help Desk:

  1. Open the MyCCC login page
  2. Enter your username as specified in your acceptance letter/email (ie: jdoe5).
  3. Enter your Coast password:

    Your Coast Password: your temporary password will be in the following 8 digit format: Upper case, first letter of first name, lower case, first letter of last name and your 6 digit date of birth.

    Ex: John Smith, March 28, 1998. The password would be Js032898

    After successfully logging in you will be prompted to create a new permanent password.

If these steps do not work for you, please call the IT Help Desk at:
(714) 438-8111

MyCCC password resets can be performed on the MyCCC login page by following the "Forgot Password" link.

Faculty & Staff

Effective immediately, MyCCC/Banner password resets for Faculty and Staff are now being handled through the District IT Service Desk . Please call or email the District IT Service Desk to have your password reset:

IT Service Desk:


What is my username and password?

Your MyCCC username and password will be sent to you two ways:

  • E-Mail: Your login information will be sent to the email address you provided for Admissions and Records at the time of registration.
  • "Standard" Mail: Your login information will also be mailed to you at the address you provided for Admissions and Records at the time of registration.

Why do I see the Coast logo when I log on to MyCCC?

If you are a student of multiple campuses in the Coast Community College District (the district is comprised of Orange Coast College, Golden West College, and Coastline Community College) you may see the Coast logo along with the logos for each campus when you login to MyCCC. This is just because you are affiliated with multiple campuses. If you were affiliated with CCC only, you would have just an CCC logo; this is true for the other campuses as well. Those students, faculty, and staff that either work or attend one of the other Coast campuses (or have in the past) will receive the Coast District-Wide logo when they login to MyCCC.

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