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Bank of America Preferred School Partner (PSP) Program

As a regionally approved institution of higher education in Bank of America Preferred School Partner (PSP) Program, Coastline College is able to provide Bank of America employees the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree and/or Business Certificate through our internationally recognized distance learning program.

Coastline's integrated media-based distance learning program has been the recipient of more than 100 awards for production, delivery, and instructional excellence, including 20 Los Angeles-area Emmy Awards for video-based courses instructionally designed and produced by Coastline College. Courses are delivered online and incorporate a textbook, course syllabus, instructor-led interactions, measurable student learning outcomes, assignments, and proctored exams.

In as few as four 8-week sessions, you can complete your core coursework and a concentration in one of 11 Bank of America Preferred School Partner (PSP) Program approved business programs. Coastline Community College and the Bank of America Preferred School Partner (PSP) Program have partnered to provide Bank of America employees the opportunity to earn an Associate Degree and/or Business Certificate through our accredited and internationally recognized distance learning program.

Apply and Enroll

Programs and Certificates

The following Associate Degrees and Certificates of Achievement are currently available for Coastline students participating in the Bank of America Preferred School Partner Program. Select the degree option for additional information.

Program Degrees and Certificates

Subject AA (60 units) AS (60 units) Certificate (13.5-27 units)
Business Administration yes yes yes
Business: General Business yes yes
Business: Human Resources Management yes yes
Business: Marketing yes yes
Communications yes
Computer Networking: Microsoft yes yes
Cybersecurity yes yes
Logistics/Supply Chain Management yes yes
Project Management yes
Science and Math yes
Supervision and Management yes yes

Get Started Today

Step 1: Apply To Coastline

If you are new to Coastline or are returning and have missed three consecutive semesters, you are required to complete a new application.

  • You can apply online anytime. There are no fees to apply.
  • IMPORTANT: Select "Military or Corporate Education Programs" from the "Special Programs" box located on the Supplemental Questions page (page 9) of the online application to ensure that the application is forwarded to the Extended Learning Division, Military and Corporate Programs.
  • Please allow 5-7 business days for application processing and to receive your acceptance letter via email.

Step 2: Submit Eligibility To Participate In Program

Note: You may complete Step 2 concurrently with Step 1.

If you are employed by Bank of America and wish to participate in Coastline's Extended Learning Division’s Corporate Education Program, you are required to submit proof of eligibility to

Documentation Options for Proof of Eligibility:
- Bank of America Learning Together Program (LTP) voucher for the enrolled course(s)
- Scanned copy of verification of employment from Human Resources, employee's paystub, or other document confirming employment.

Questions about eligibility can be directed to: 714- 241-6131.

Step 3: Register For Your Classes

If you are registering for any math courses or for English (ENGL C102-Critical Reasoning), you will need to submit proof of prerequisite/placement prior to registration. Contact our office for any questions or concerns.

Check the Academic Calendar for registration periods

  • Log into MyCCC
  • Begin on the “Registration Tools” Box.
  • Click “Add or Drop Classes”.
  • Select the Military/Contract Ed Term for the appropriate session and click “Submit”.
  • To add a class, follow the instructions at the top of the “Add or Drop Classes’ page.
  • IMPORTANT: Be sure to only select classes with a location of “Coastline Community College Corporate Education (CCCCE) ONLINE”.
  • After adding your class (s), select “Register or Finalize Add/Drop”. If you are paying with a third-party tuition assistance (LTP) voucher, Exit the screen. If you are self-paying, select “Pay Now”.

Step 4: Payment Options

The tuition rate for the Bank of America Learning Together Program is $210 per credit/SH. California (CA) residents are eligible for a discounted rate of $46 per credit/SH, plus any additional college fees if you apply to and register for Coastline classes outside of the Corporate Education Program. For additional information, please visit and Residency Requirements.

Learning Together Program (LTP) Voucher Option: You must submit your LTP voucher to Coastline by the registration/payment deadline. Class name/number on voucher must match the class name/number on Coastline’s class schedule.

  • Provide Coastline a copy of your LTP voucher before the posted deadlines.
  • Scan/email your LTP voucher to or fax to 714-241-6270.
  • Allow 1-3 business days for payment processing.
  • Your account balance will adjust accordingly.
    • Self-Pay Option: If you are paying out-of-pocket or are authorized for less than 100% of tuition, you must submit the remaining balance by the registration/payment deadline.

Step 5: Course Materials

To better serve you, Coastline’s Extended Learning Davison has partnered with Missouri Bookstore (MBS) to provide FREE standard shipping of textbooks and course materials. Mailing costs within the U.S. are automatically credited back to you at the time you place the order.

If you are ordering from other sources (Amazon, Chegg, etc.), you are responsible for shipping costs, if any. Many providers feature FREE shipping, so remember to check options at

Note: “NEW ONLY” materials may include access codes or DVD/CDs and must be purchased through Missouri Bookstore (MBS). To find the textbooks and course materials for your course(s), please refer to the Corporate and Contract Programs Course Materials list (PDF). If your course materials indicate MBS Only, you must purchase from MBS to obtain access codes and/or any DVD/CD.

If the Corporate and Contract Programs Course Materials list indicates used, rental, or e-book availability through another source, you may research the 13-digit ISBN at For any additional assistance with course materials, please email or call 714-241-6296.

Step 6: Course Access

To access your course:

  • Go to or click the Canvas link in the upper right part of the website.
  • Use your MyCCC username and password to login.
If you have technical difficulties, please click the “Student Help” link located on the login page. If you still need assistance our instructional support team can be reached at or call 714-241-6132, Option 1 during business hours, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., PST.

Enrollment Options: - Which Option Is Best For You?

If you are a California (CA) Resident, you have the option of enrolling as a CA Resident in traditional courses (on-site, hybrid, or 16-week online courses) through, or you may enroll as a Corporate Education Student in the Extended Learning Division’s program which features 8-week online course and 5 sessions per academic year.

Review the chart to determine which option is the best for you.

Comparison of Enrollment options

Option Corporate Education/Out-of-State Students (Also available to CA Residents) California Residents
Course Format Online Courses Only Traditional Community College Options
Class Availability Guaranteed Through PSP Program Subject-to-Availability
Course Length 8-weeks, 5 Sessions Per Academic Year Varies
Fees Enrollment Fee:
$210 per unit (Savings of 22% from Non-Resident Tuition)
Enrollment Fee:
$46 per unit/semester hour.
Note: Additional college fees such as parking, health, and college service charge will apply.
Employer Tuition Assistance Most employer tuition assistance plans cover 100% of your college fees through Coastline's Extended Learning Division, Corporate Education Program. Most employer tuition assistance plans only cover your enrollment fees. Students are still responsible for other fees such as parking, college services charge, health, and course materials.
Apply and Enroll Coastline's Extended Learning Division’s Corporate Education Programs (Regardless of Residency Status) Coastline’s Traditional Community College

Program Contacts

General Questions
Instructional Support:
Enrollment Services, Admissions, Registration:
Transcript Evaluations & Academic Planning:
English/Math Placement:

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