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guideU Student-Mentor Connection

The Program

The guideU Student-Mentor Connection provides you with the extra help you may need to successfully navigate your higher education experience.

Coastline's guideU Student-Mentor Connection provides extra help to students aiming to complete a degree or certificate in three years or less. The mentors are Coastline faculty and staff members serving as volunteers. You can reach them by phone, email, or text message…24/7.

Most students participating in guideU find mentors most helpful at the start of the semester especially when registering for classes. Coastline's guideU mentors are always happy to help. As the semester progresses, your mentor will be available to talk things over whenever the need arises.

Your mentor is your source for answers to college questions in general, or to "guideU" in the right direction to all Coastline services including academic or career counseling. A guideU mentor is your go-to person for all things Coastline.

The Mentors

The guideU mentors are Coastline's own faculty and staff members. They have in-depth knowledge of how the college works. They are also fully integrated into all college processes, and are a great resource for your Coastline-related questions. Our mentors are passionate about student success and they want to ensure your Coastline experience is positive and memorable.

The guideU Student-Mentor Connection is a service that:

  • Is designed to help you, the serious student, stay on track and finish fast.
  • Sets you up with your own personal Coastline Contact… your go-to person for all things Coastline.
  • Is free for you to participate in and is available to you without any obligation.

What other Coastline Community College students are saying about the guideU Student-Mentor Connection service:

  • "My mentor checks on me regularly. When we talk, it keeps me motivated and focused on my goals. If I have a problem, my mentor is always cool with help on what to do next."
  • "Thanks to my mentor, I do not have any more questions on matters that trouble me. Whenever I send a question, an answer comes right back, and with good details!"
  • "I tend to panic and over-think situations, so I am always stressed out. But my mentor has given me more confidence and reassurance to face even a difficult class."
  • "I'm so grateful to be a part of the guideU Student-Mentor Connection service. The Coastline mentor that I've been in contact with has been more than helpful. I’ve learned that I can count on a quick answer to my questions, and get some excellent advice too. Thank you for providing such a great service."
  • "My mentor keeps me on track, and helps me with reminders like when to register for the new classes. It is very helpful to be guided in finding information, and in establishing good communication flow between me and other admin departments at Coastline."

To find out more about the guideU Student-Mentor Connection service, or to sign up, contact Dana Emerson at (714) 981-2245 ext. 17401 or .

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