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The mission of the Coastline College Library is to provide training, support, and resources for Coastline students and employees to enable them to find and evaluate information effectively.

Library Orientation available online in Canvas for Coastline students and staff. Enroll today!

Faculty and Staff

Shelly Blair, PhD
Dean of Innovative Learning
714.549.7600 ext. 16251

Elizabeth Horan, MLIS, MSIDT

Veronica D’Aqunio, MLIS
Part-time Librarian

Nora Shea, MLIS
Part-time Librarian

Tracie Hall
Part-time Librarian


Library Office: Room 206
Coastline College
11460 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708-2597


Library open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Coastline Library is 100% online to serve Coastline students.

Places to Study at Coastline

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Coastline have a physical Library?
Coastline's Library is 100% online so we don't have a physical Library. If you are looking for a place to study, you can do that in one of the Student Success Centers . Need to use a textbook? See if one of the Student Success Centers has it by looking at this Textbook Reserve List . Need some Research or Library help? Ask a Librarian ( or 714-696-1573). The Librarian does have a physical office (College Center 206) or we can meet you at any of the college campuses.
Does the Library have my textbook?
The Library doesn't have any physical books because it is 100% online, but the Student Success Center does have some textbook students can use. Watch the video below to see about textbooks at the Student Success Centers and look at this Textbook Reserve list to see if your textbook is one of the ones they have.
VIDEO: Does the Library have my textbook? (1:19)
Library hours?
The Coastline Library is always open because it is 100% online! If you are trying to contact a Librarian, you can view the "Ask a Librarian" information below. The Library is using a Google Voice number so you can text or call with your quick question (714-696-1573). You can schedule a research session at one of the college centers. If you need to use a textbook or a place to study, please view the Tutor Schedule on the Student Success Center webpage to see the hours of the Student Success Centers.
I need research help!
No problem. The Library can help you with that. You can Ask a Librarian for help or help yourself through the CoastlineLIBRARY YouTube channel , the Library Workshops in Canvas, or study guides. A Librarian is a "trained research professional" and can help you with quick questions or in-depth research needs. We became Librarians because we like people. How can we help you?
How can I get copies of magazine articles for a report I'm writing?
Coastline has subscriptions to a lot of Academic Databases that have just what you need. Access the Academic Databases by visiting our ebooks & Databases webpage. Watch "Which database should I choose?" on the Library YouTube channel to find the best database for your research need.
Is your question not here? Ask a Librarian.
Ask your question by contacting Librarian Elizabeth Horan at 714-696-1573 (phone/text) or email

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