November 15, 2013

President's Bulletin: November 15, 2013

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Learning1stLogoCoastline’s Learning1st Program profiled in the O.C. Register
Coastline Community College’s new Learning1st Program was featured in a lengthy O.C. Register article this week. A link to the article titled “Pilot Program: 4-year degree at community college” can be found here (for O.C. Register subscribers):
Although the title is a bit misleading–the 4-year degree is actually not granted from Coastline but from one of three Learning1st partner universities including UMass, Penn State, and University of Illinois Springfield–the article provided the program and the college with valuable coverage that has already generated calls and inquiries.
The article was developed from a press release distributed by Coastline’s PR Director Michelle Ma and interviews were coordinated for the O.C. Register by Learning1st Program Coordinator Jason Ward and Dean of Contract Education Joycelyn Groot. The original press release, which includes background information on the program, can be found on the college’s home page or by clicking this link:
Should you receive inquiries regarding the Learning1st Program, please direct them to Jason Ward at or (714) 241-6323.

  Coastline Foundation to fund $50,000 in innovative college projects
This fall, Coastline faculty and staff were invited to apply for mini-grants from the Coastline Foundation in amounts of up to $1,000 each. A total of $10,000 will be distributed via mini-grants, and an additional $40k will be used for innovative initiatives proposed by Coastline’s faculty members during the 2013-2014 fiscal year. The president will be assisted in the final selection of innovative, grant-worthy ideas by a committee comprised of faculty, staff, and management. The mini-grant recipients will be named on December 13.

  Student, faculty, and staff Vets give advice to those pursuing a degree under similar circumstances
In honor of Veterans Day 2013, Coastline not only asked student, faculty, and staff Vets to share their personal stories, but the college also asked: “What advice do you have for those who are pursuing an education as veterans or while serving in the U.S. military?”
Below is a brief sampling of the responses:
  • Stick with it. It might not always be easy juggling your time, finances, etc., but it is worth the hard work. Don’t be afraid to talk to academic advisors, campus vet reps, or the VA. They’re all there to help. David Kuskie
  • The advice I would pass on to veterans and other active duty service members like myself is to set your goals in regards to pursuing your education. There are tons of resources out there that are set up to help you succeed with your plans. It doesn’t matter if you are out to sea in the fleet, or on shore duty stateside, or stationed outside the continental U.S., All you need is the drive, motivation, and determination plus the right guidance and support from your chain of command! With all your ducks in a row, you’ll be one step closer on the path to achieving your degree.  Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Leonard Adams Jr.
  • My advice to military students today. Don’t put it off. Get your education done ASAP. Don’t wait like I did. We veterans have a discipline that faculty appreciates. A discipline instilled by our military “esprit de corps”. Live up to those expectations. Tom Boscamp
  • I took advantage of the GI Bill when I was discharged from the Air Force and completed a Business degree. Had it not been for the GI Bill, I may not have completed my education. It has helped me to accomplish many of my personal goals. It is a very special opportunity and worth the sacrifices to obtain your education. Rick Lockwood
  • Read their stories and several others here: Thank you to the Coastline Veterans Resource Center, Coastline Military Programs, and Coastline’s Marketing and Web team for coordinating this effort to honor our resident Vets on Veterans Day.

      Just released: FUTURO newsletter for teens and parents, Fall 2013 edition
    Coastline FUTURO newsletter for teens and parents

    The cover of the fall 2013 FUTURO newsletter for teens and parents.

    In October, Marketing and PR published a new edition of Coastline’s FUTURO newsletter, a popular marketing piece targeted to teens and parents. The publication is sent to area high schools and also used as an information piece at area college nights and outreach/recruitment events.
    See, Sketch, Shoot Rome 2014 was profiled in the current issue of FUTURO.

    See, Sketch, Shoot Rome 2014 is profiled in the current issue of FUTURO.

    This issue includes a focus on the State Chancellor’s Office “Salary Surfer” tool, Coastline’s summer 2014 study abroad trip (See, Sketch, Shoot Rome 2014), a list of Coastline’s programs and locations, AB540 information, and information for teens wanting to take college classes while they are still in high school.
    If you would like a copy of the FUTURO newsletter, or need quantities for outreach purposes, please connect with Michelle Ma at or (714) 241-6186.

          Committee updates
    Coastline’s committees, ad hoc panels, and work groups have been working hard this semester to update their mandates and membership lists. The most recent change comes to Coastline’s Management Team group. Formerly known as Blue Ribbon Management Team, the group now simply goes by Coastline Management Team, or CMT. CMT has also updated their mandate, which is now:
    • To serve as a forum for discussion and formulating recommendation on college wide issues;
    • To review and interpret District policies and procedures and make recommendation as necessary or appropriate;
    • To improve the working relationships and communication;
    • To provide provide opportunity for discussion of administrative issues.
    • Thank you to our many Coastliners who lead, support, or serve on a committee, work group, or ad hoc panel. Your work is important to our foundation of shared-governance. Continue providing your agendas and minutes to our Web coordinator, Chris Johnston ( for posting on the Coastline website. Links to our committees and councils, and to documentation of their work, can always be found on this Bulletin page. The link is on the right under “Useful Links,” or you can get to the Committee pages here:

          Updated full-time faculty prioritization rubric
      There is an updated rubric to examine and prioritize the college’s need for additional full-time faculty and counselors. This rubric, distributed via email the week of 11/4, evaluates proposals based on four major criteria:
      1. Their relation to the college mission, priorities and plan.
      2. Their congruence with trends and projections (both labor market trends and/or academic trends).
      3. Their relation to load i.e. available instructor load (LHEs per semester) or (for counseling) the need for counseling throughout the academic year.
      4. Ratios: FTEF to FTF for discipline requesting a full-time position or (for counseling) ratio of appointments and classroom visits handled by full-time to part-time.
      Please connect with the Vice President of Instruction if you did not receive a copy of the new rubric and would like to have it e-mailed to you.