January 24, 2014

President's Bulletin: January 24, 2014

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Coastline Helps Celebrate La Quinta’s 50th Anniversary

Kevin Erdkamp, Nancy Jones, Cristina Arellano and Elaine Hill were invited to La Quinta High School’s 50th Anniversary. There were over 500 people there, many of whom were proud Alumni from 50 years ago. Coastline was the only College that was invited, and Kevin showed students the “VITA Program”. VITA provides free tax preparation services to individuals, families and seniors earning less than $58,000 in 2012. Tax returns are prepared by trained, IRS-certified volunteers at various locations throughout Orange County. For more information, go to http://www.unitedwayoc.org/become-vita-volunteer


Coastline Team attends the FV Mayor’s Breakfast

Dr. Lori Adrian, Christine Nguyen, Dr. Vince Rodriguez, Dr. John Colson and Joycelyn Groot attended the monthly Mayor’s Breakfast at the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, and gave a lively presentation on Coastline and how we can partner with businesses around us. The more than 100 people listened to the presentation and when Dr. Adrian asked, “who has taken at least one course at Coastline”, most people raised their hands. It was wonderful to see and we have several businesses that are interested in partnering with us.

There’s a New Team at Coastline

Coastline College has launched a Behavioral Assessment Team (BAT). Members include Kathy McKinley, Gary Stromlund, Susan Winterbourne, Kathie Tran, and John Colson. The team completed two days of training January 21 & 22, with teams from Goldenwest and Orange Coast College. Coastline’s team will be able to come together and make assessments of individual cases submitted by members of the campus community.

Anyone who really wants to succeed can acquire these communication skills…

Upbringing, education, and talent aside, all good leaders share the same quality: superior communication skills. Either through observation, trial and error, or schooling from mentors, they’ve mastered the art of “connecting” with people in ways that almost always yield positive results…

  • They realize that diplomacy works far better than brute force.
  • They know how to help people “get it” the first time.
  • They can empathize, and they know how to get the support they need.
  • They don’t waste time rehashing instructions or entering into arguments that go nowhere.
  • They listen first and act second — not the other way around.

Save the Date for the All College Meeting February 7, 2014…lunch is served

Save the Date!
All College Meeting
February 7, 2014

Please plan to attend the All College Meeting February 7, 2014. To kick off the event, a lunch will be served at noon. This will be followed by a number of meetings, including a meeting hosted by the Classified Senate. Classified professionals are encouraged to attend.

The All College Meeting will take place at 2:00 pm, and will be followed by department meetings. Let’s enjoy an afternoon of networking and dialogue. See you there.

Congratulations to our IPAD Winner Kacy Roberts!

Kacy Roberts is a Coastline student and mother of a baby girl Rylee. She is getting her AA in business. Kacy said she is looking forward to studying and working on her new IPAD. “I am so thrilled that I won and I thank Coastline Community College for this IPAD. I promise I will use it to get all A’s”!

Photo 2 Casey ipad winner
Le-Jao Center Parking

Coastline College is committed to obtaining a parking solution for students and staff at the Le-Jao Center. The City of Westminster is working on a master parking plan for the Civic Center which addresses the needs of the various user groups, which besides Coastline includes the courts, City Hall, the recreation center, and the Rose Center. Coastline staff have had discussions with representatives from the Police Department and the Traffic Department and hope to soon receive a proposal that meets the college’s needs.