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Philosophy can be described as the art of resurrecting wonder and curiosity. Literally the "love of wisdom", it is a discipline that actually goes far beyond that expression in its implications. The study and practice of philosophy can lead you to the depths of your inner self and into unexplored regions of your thinking and ordinary awareness. What does it mean to be a human being with the capacity to think about, discover, and ponder the "truth"? What other creature on Earth resembles a human person in terms of his or her ability to engage in art, politics, science, architecture, or poetry? Where and how do we fit into Nature or even into the Universe?

These and many other questions have been asked by philosophers probably since it became possible to express curiosity and exhibit self-consciousness. What are the answers? Most important, how will the answers lead to a contented, satisfied, and fulfilled life? How can a human being achieve happiness and authenticity?

Coastline's philosophy classes will prepare you for transfer to the four-year college of your choice. All philosophy classes at the present time are taught online or via telecourse, and they are offered to meet your busy schedule. We have five instructors who will help you complete your philosophy courses. There is no prerequisite for any of our courses.


We offer the following courses:

  • Philosophy C100 - Introduction to Philosophy
  • Philosophy C113 - Philosophical Approaches to Sustainability
  • Philosophy C115 - Logic and Critical Thinking
  • Philosophy C120 - Ethics
  • Philosophy C140 - Organizational Ethics

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