C-TV host Michelle tells you why you should consider a career in Informatics.

Find out how technology can better support the people and cultures it serves!

Think You've Got GAME?! Turn your love of video games into a career in the Informatics program.

Informatics is a form of computer science that studies the design, implementation, use and impact of information technology. It focuses on how to design, build, and analyze software so it effectively fits with the people, organizations, and cultures it is meant to support and enhance.
That means that you'll be prepared to build video games for specific audiences and test video games to ensure they're challenging, intuitive and user friendly!
Coastline's Informatics program includes courses in several topics ranging from design, application, use and impact of information technology to classes in digital animation and graphic design. In these courses, you'll learn software design and implementation, human-computer interaction, project management, programming languages, as well as the organizational and social impacts of technology.
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Exciting Jobs in Informatics

Take a few classes and you may be able to intern or get an entry-level job at one of the top video game design companies! Many are located right here in Southern California. If you're serious about a long-term career in gaming, you can even transfer your Coastline units to our partner school, UC Irvine, and get a four-year degree in Informatics.
With Coastline courses in gaming, digital media and Informatics, you'll be prepared for a career as a web developer, e-marketing expert, database manager, software engineer, video game designer or video game tester... you'll have lots of choices in this lucrative field!
With a degree in Informatics, you can work at:
  • Apple
  • Blizzard Entertainment (located in Orange County, CA)
  • Obsidian Entertainment (located in Orange County, CA)
  • Foundation 9 Entertainment (located in Orange County, CA)
  • Boeing
  • THQ (located in Aguora Hills, CA)
  • Google
  • IBM
  • Microsoft
  • Sony Imageworks (located in Culver City, CA)
  • Yahoo!
  • Or your own start-up company!

Courses in Informatics

The following is an example of a course of study students choose to follow in the informatics Program. You can choose to take all of the courses in the program and then transfer these units to our partner school, UC Irvine, or take a few courses that interest you to get you started in a career in digital animation, gaming or informatics.

First-Year Classes (Fall, Spring, Summer)

  • Informatics C141, Informatics Core I, 4 units
  • Informatics C142, Informatics Core II, 4 units
  • Philosophy C115, Critical Reasoning, 3 units
  • Math C252, Discrete Mathematics, 3 units
  • English C100, Freshman Composition, 3 units
  • Informatics C143, Informatics Core III, 4 units
  • Speech C100, Interpersonal Comm., 3 units
  • ICS C123, Fundamental Data Structures, 3 units
  • English C102, Critical Reasoning, 3 units
  • **Plus 9 units of General Education courses**

Second-Year Classes (Fall, Spring, Summer)

  • Math C160, Basic Statistics, 3 units
  • ICS C141, Programming Languages I, 3 units
  • Informatics C111, Software Methods & Tools, 3 units
  • Informatics C102, Programming Languages II, 3 units
  • Informatics C113, Requirements Anaylsis and Engineering, 3 units
  • Informatics C131, Human-Computer Interact., 3 units
  • Informatics C121, Software Design, 3 units
  • Informatics C115, Software Specification and Quality Engineering, 3 units
  • Informatics C132, Project in Human-Computer Interaction, 3 units
  • **Plus 3 units of General Education courses**
See what classes are available this semester by viewing the searchable schedule.

Courses in Digital Animation and Design

These courses are also offered to enhance your skills in digital animation and graphic design:
  • DGA C110, Animation 1, 1.5 units
  • DGA C111, Animation 2, 1.5 units
  • DGA C112, Intro to graphics using canvas (an Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator class), 3 units
  • DGA C116A, Adobe Photoshop 1, 3 units
  • DGA C116B, Adobe Photoshop 2, 3 units
  • DGA C118A, Adobe Illustrator A, 3 units
  • DGA C118B, Adobe Illustrator B, 3 units
  • DGA C166A, Dreamweaver, 3 units
  • DGA C172, Introduction to 2-D Animation, 3 units
  • DGA C184, Interface Design, 3 units
See what classes are available this semester by viewing the searchable schedule.

Want to Go to UCI?

Coastline offers classes in the field of Informatics that are fully transferable to our partner, University of California, Irvine (UCI). Upon meeting the transfer requirements and securing at least a "B" average, you'll have an open door to UCI even when many UC schools are accepting fewer and fewer new students and transfers due to the California budget crisis. Plus, by starting your journey in Informatics at Coastline, you'll save thousands in tuition and fees during your first two years in the program.
Currently, Coastline classes are just $36 a unit (for California residents and subject to change at any time) and financial aid is available to help you with your fees, books, supplies and more. For more information, contact Coastline's Financial Aid Office.
Additional Information
For more information on courses in the Informatics Program, view the college catalog, or call (714) 241-6209.

This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. 0501932.
Any opinions, findings and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation (NSF).
Access the college catalog for specific information regarding courses, certificates, and pathways to professional advancement!

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