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Student Success Committee


To provide a shared framework for the discussion, development, and implementation of processes and programs that integrates the Student Success & Support Program, Basic Skills, and Student Equity to optimize and enhance student achievement and success.

Members (21) 2017-18

  • Academic Senate President or Designee (Ann Holliday)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (English) (Laura Leeper)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Fred Curry)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (CTE) (Angela Gomez)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (ESL) (Linda Kuntzman)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (DSPS) (Celeste Ryan)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Mathematics) (Fred Feldon)
  • Academic Senate Rep. (Science) (Jean Dupon)
  • Admin. Dir, Institutional Effectiveness & Planning (Aeron Zentner)
  • Assoc. Dean, DL (Bob Nash)
  • Classified (Career Services) (Paolo Varquez)
  • Counselor (Ailene Nguyen)
  • Dean, Instruction, LJC (Dana Emerson)
  • Dean, Counseling (Bruce Keeler)
  • Director, Admissions & Records (Jennifer McDonald)
  • Director, EOPS/CalWORKs (Julie Mendez-Marquez)
  • Matriculation Technician (Kelly O’Steen)
  • MECTBD Representative (Rozanne Capoccia-White)
  • Student (ASG) (Michael Van)
  • Student Success Center Coordinator (Danny Pittaway)
  • SSSP Coordinator (Mai Le)


  • Bruce Keeler 241-6257

Committee Support

  • Paolo Varquez 241-6311

Meeting Schedule, etc.

September - November / February - May
3rd Monday
1 - 3 p.m.


College Center

Student Success & Matriculation Documents

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